Internet Explorer’s Ghost Haunts Windows 10/11 with Zero-Day Spoofing Scare

Old Dog, New Tricks: Cyber sneaksters exploit a zero-day spoof in the 'retired' Internet Explorer, leaving Windows 10/11 users wagging their tails in distress. Beware the .url that bites!

Email Apocalypse Now: Dodging the Bullet of Cybercrime’s Favorite Old-School Weapon

Dodge the digital deceit! Business Email Compromise scams are the con artist's go-to, tricking you into a costly click. Spot the scam with our guide, because when it comes to cyber swindles, it's BEC or bust.

mSpy Nightmare: Another Massive Breach Exposes Snoopers Galore” “Heritage Foundation Flustered by Fabulous Furry Hacker Fiasco” “Car Dealership Software Giant’s $25M Ransomware Ransom Revelation” “DOJ Cracks Down on ‘AI-Enhanced’ RT Bot Farm Bonanza

Focus keyphrase: "spyware vendor mSpy data breach" "Oops, they did it again! Spyware vendor mSpy's data breach exposes millions, proving even digital snoops aren't immune to peeping hacks. Who's watching the watchers? Stay tuned for more irony-laden leaks."

CDK Global’s $25M Bitcoin Ransom: Dealerships in Disarray as Ransomware Wreaks Havoc

In a $25 million Bitcoin bonanza, CDK Global played the ransomware redemption round—and won back their cyber sovereignty. Dealerships, start your engines!

APT41’s New Cyber Trickery: DodgeBox Loader & MoonWalk Backdoor Unleashed

DodgeBox and MoonWalk: APT41's latest cyber sneaks? Zscaler's scoop hints they're Beijing's newest toys for clandestine clicks and fiscal flicks. Beware of the stealthy code with a penchant for espionage and a side of financial shenanigans!

Hacktivist Farewell: SiegedSec Leaks Heritage Files and Exits with a Bang

SiegedSec, the "gay furry hackers," took their final bow by leaking The Heritage Foundation's files, then declared it's curtains for their hacktivism—curtailing their crusade with one last cyber serenade.

ARRL Data Breach Hits Sour Note: Amateur Radio Group Confirms Employee Data Stolen by Cyber Bandits

When hackers tuned into the ARRL's frequency, they hit more than just static. Data from 150 employees got swiped in a May ransomware gig. ARRL's singing the blues, offering free ID monitoring. No proof of misuse yet, but they're playing it safe—no solos for identity thieves! 📻💔🔒 #ARRLBreach

Fur Flies in Cyber Clash: Gay Furry Hackers Unleash Wrath on Right-Wing Heritage Foundation

When political fursonas clash: A 'gay furry hacker' group rattles the Heritage Foundation, exposing their anti-LGBTQ manifesto. Cue conservative meltdown and threats of unmasking closeted furries. Fur flies in this cyber showdown!

Gay Furry Hackers Unleash Rainbow Wrath on Heritage Foundation

Feeling hack-tastic? "Gay furry hackers" claimed they've out-fluffed the Heritage Foundation, but the think tank's brushing it off as attention-seeking fluff. #OpTransRights or op-not-so-much? Stay tuned for the fur to fly! 🐾💻 #HeritageHack