Zscaler Swats Down Breach Buzz: Cybersecurity Giant Stands Unhacked

Zscaler brushes off breach blabber: Cybersecurity giant unscathed as rumor mill churns. No evidence found, just wisps of web whispers!

Hot Take:

Well, well, well, if it isn’t our friendly neighborhood threat actor, IntelBroker, back at it again with the rumor-mongering. This time, they’ve supposedly got their mitts on one of the big fish in the cybersecurity pond, Zscaler—or so they claim. But Zscaler, wearing its digital cape, proclaims, “Fake news!” and reassures us that their cyber fort is impenetrable. Spoiler alert: their investigation finds as much evidence of a breach as I have of my dog doing my taxes. That’s zero, for clarification.

Key Points:

  • Zscaler denies breach rumors faster than I decline invites to Monday morning meetings.
  • Threat actor IntelBroker, the digital boogeyman, claims to be selling Zscaler’s secret cyber sauce.
  • Zscaler’s employees are now part-time myth busters on Mastodon, debunking breach rumors.
  • IntelBroker’s reputation is like that one person who knows everyone’s business—except it’s actually your data.
  • While Zscaler’s Trust site says all’s well, BleepingComputer is left on read trying to get more deets.

Need to know more?

The "Nothing to See Here" Update

Zscaler has been as busy as a cat on a hot tin roof since rumors of a breach started circulating. They've scoured their systems, looking for any hint of compromise, but it's come up emptier than a politician's promises. It's like they're standing on the rooftops, shouting, "Our cyber house is cleaner than your grandma's living room on a Sunday!"

IntelBroker: The Name's Broker, IntelBroker

IntelBroker, the digital world's equivalent of that shady guy in a trench coat selling watches, is at it again, peddling what they claim is the digital key to Zscaler's kingdom. They're tossing around terms like "critical logs" and "SSL Certificates" like confetti at a parade. But Zscaler's like, "Hold my firewall," and assures us no party has been crashed.

When Rumors Fly Faster Than Wi-Fi Signals

Let's face it, in the age of social media, rumors spread faster than I can hit "snooze" on my alarm. A Zscaler employee finds themselves in the unexpected role of rumor control patrol on Mastodon, where they're swatting down false claims with the dedication of a high school librarian enforcing the quiet rule.

The Not-So-Secret Identity of IntelBroker

IntelBroker, who's got a rap sheet longer than a CVS receipt, has been linked to a number of high-profile breaches, including the one that had Congress scrambling to protect their digits. They're like that one ex who keeps showing up uninvited, except instead of old photos, they're leaking your data.

Ghosting the Press

While Zscaler's been all "our ship is still sailing smoothly" on their Trust site, journalists at BleepingComputer have been left on read, with no response to their inquisitive pokes and prods. It's like Zscaler’s saying, "Talk to the hand 'cause the face ain't talking" to anyone looking for more juicy tidbits.

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