Virginia Tech’s Cybersecurity Buffet: Feasting on Knowledge, One Byte at a Time!

Virginia Tech is serving a buffet of Cybersecurity Awareness – a feast of knowledge where the dessert is online safety. From a beginner’s guide to a virtual hackathon, Career Week events, and Instagram insights, they’re taking cyber threats as seriously as a cat takes a laser pointer. It’s a Cybersecurity Awareness banquet you won’t want to miss!

Hot Take:

With Virginia Tech going all out for Cybersecurity Awareness Month, it’s safe to say that they’re taking cyber threats as seriously as a cat takes a laser pointer. Between their resources for users at every expertise level, hands-on hacking competitions, and career development events, they’re covering all bases. It’s like they’ve opened a buffet of cybersecurity knowledge and we’re all invited to feast!

Key Points:

  • Virginia Tech’s Division of Information Technology has provided a Cybersecurity Awareness resource guide with tips for users of all ages and levels of technical skill.
  • The Virginia Cyber Range will host a virtual “Capture the Flag” competition during Cybersecurity Career Week.
  • The Commonwealth Cyber Initiative (CCI) will host several events in October to help students and professionals advance their cybersecurity careers.
  • CCI aims to make Virginia a globally recognized center of cybersecurity excellence and fill the state’s estimated 60,000 open cybersecurity jobs.
  • Virginia Tech will share cybersecurity tips, fun facts, and more on Instagram throughout October.

Need to know more?

Security Buffet

Virginia Tech's Division of Information Technology is serving up a smorgasbord of cybersecurity resources. Whether you're a tech newbie or a seasoned pro, there's something for everyone. It's like a buffet where the main course is knowledge and the dessert is online safety.

Hackathon Fun

Ever fancied yourself a hacker? Well, now's your chance to prove it. Virginia Cyber Range is hosting a virtual "Capture the Flag" competition as part of Cybersecurity Career Week. So, bring out your inner hacker and test your skills in this low-stakes gaming environment. Who knows? You just might discover a new passion.

Career Development Galore

The Commonwealth Cyber Initiative isn't just talking about the importance of cybersecurity. They're doing something about it. With a series of events throughout October, they're helping students and professionals take their cybersecurity careers to the next level. From learning about the security clearance process to connecting aspiring entrepreneurs with top Virginia investors, they're paving the way for the cybersecurity professionals of tomorrow.

Instagram Insights

Who says Instagram is just for selfies and food pics? Virginia Tech is using the platform to share cybersecurity tips, fun facts, and more. So, next time you're scrolling through your feed, keep an eye out for @vt_techsupport. You just might learn something new!
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