Urgent WordPress Alert: Modern Events Calendar Plugin Flaw Risks Total Site Takeover – Update Now!

Beware, WordPress wizards! A pesky plugin flaw in Modern Events Calendar could turn your digital domain into a hacker’s playground. Update or face website wipeout! 🎪💻🔓 #UpdateOrRegret

Hot Take:

Let’s face it, if your WordPress site was a party, the Modern Events Calendar plugin just sent out VIP invites to hackers. With a vulnerability score of 8.8, it’s less of a plugin and more of a plug-ugh. Update that bad boy before your website’s next event is a farewell party!

Key Points:

  • Modern Events Calendar plugin for WordPress has a high-severity vulnerability, CVE-2024-5441, that could lead to a full website takeover.
  • The bug was discovered during the Wordfence Bug Bounty Extravaganza and is due to missing file type validation.
  • Hackers are already exploiting this flaw, with Wordfence blocking over 100 attempts.
  • Over 150,000 WordPress sites are potentially at risk, with the advised solution being an update to version 7.12.0 of the plugin.
  • While commercial WordPress products usually have dedicated teams to combat such issues, free plugins can be more vulnerable due to lack of regular updates and maintenance.
Title: Modern Events Calendar <= 7.11.0 - Authenticated (Subscriber+) Arbitrary File Upload
Cve id: CVE-2024-5441
Cve state: PUBLISHED
Cve assigner short name: Wordfence
Cve date updated: 07/09/2024
Cve description: The Modern Events Calendar plugin for WordPress is vulnerable to arbitrary file uploads due to missing file type validation in the set_featured_image function in all versions up to, and including, 7.11.0. This makes it possible for authenticated attackers, with subscriber access and above, to upload arbitrary files on the affected site's server which may make remote code execution possible. The plugin allows administrators (via its settings) to extend the ability to submit events to unauthenticated users, which would allow unauthenticated attackers to exploit this vulnerability.

Need to know more?

When Plugins Attack

If you're wrangling with WordPress, here's a heads-up: you might want to prioritize that plugin update over perfecting your About page. Friderika Baranyai, a cyber Sherlock Holmes, sniffed out a digital weak spot in the Modern Events Calendar that's about as secure as a diary with a 'Do Not Read' sticker. Convenience just got inconvenient, folks.

The Hole Where the Internet Gets In

The 'setfeaturedimage' function in the plugin is throwing open the digital doors to PHP purveyors of the malicious kind. No file type validation means hackers can upload a PHP file like it's a JPG of your last beach vacation, except this file won't give you the warm fuzzies. If your site's got subscribers or members, they've got the keys to the kingdom unless you patch this up pronto.

It's a Hacker's Market

With over a hundred thousand potential digital playgrounds, these cyber miscreants are shopping for vulnerabilities like it's Black Friday. And thanks to Wordfence, we know they're not just window shopping—they're trying on exploits for size. Consider updating to version 7.12.0 the equivalent of installing a state-of-the-art security system to keep the riff-raff out.

WordPress: A Double-Edged Sword

WordPress might be the king of website builders, but every king has its Achilles heel. While the platform itself is harder to crack than a Sudoku puzzle, the plethora of third-party add-ons ranges from Fort Knox to a lemonade stand when it comes to security. And it turns out, the freebies section is where the cybercriminals are having a field day.

Stay Informed, Stay Secure

It's a wild web out there, but knowledge is power. Sign up for newsletters, keep those plugins updated, and maybe avoid the sketchy-looking free ones that haven't seen an update since the Ice Age. And if you're still hungry for more cybersecurity scoops, TechRadar Pro is dishing out the dirt on everything from malware-infested WordPress sites to the best firewalls to protect your digital domain.

And remember, if you're not updating, you're inviting. Don't let your website be the next open house for hackers!

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