Unraveling Socks5Systemz: The Grand Puppet Show of Proxy Botnets on the Dark Web

Socks5Systemz! The latest proxy botnet detection has revealed a grand spectacle of over 10,000 infected devices! These ‘marionettes’ have been dancing to the tune of faceless puppet-masters since 2016. With tickets being sold on the dark web, the audience of cyber crooks are rerouting their traffic through this illicit circus of technology.

Hot Take:

Well, this is quite the sock puppet show, with a cast of 10,000 infected devices! The marionettes, aka devices, are unwittingly performing in a grand circus called Socks5Systemz, thanks to our unidentified puppet masters. These tech-savvy ventriloquists are selling the show tickets on the dark web, making quite a killing! And the audience? Other cyber crooks, who are more than willing to pay to watch the spectacle and reroute their traffic. Ladies and gents, the stage is set for the grandest proxy botnet show on the dark web!

Key Points:

  • BitSight researchers discovered a major proxy botnet, Socks5Systemz, comprising over 10,000 infected devices.
  • The infected devices’ data bandwidth is sold on the dark web, primarily to other cybercriminals.
  • PrivateLoader and Amadey are the two loaders used by the hackers to infect the endpoints.
  • The botnet has been active since at least 2016, with victims located all around the world.
  • The company behind the botnet claims all victims willingly consented to be part of the proxy infrastructure.

Need to know more?

Under the Radar, Over the Profit

Don't you love a good mystery? Here's one - we don't know how much the operators are raking in from this botnet business. But given it's been playing hide and seek successfully since 2016, we're guessing the figure is not too shabby!

Global Stage, Global Victims

This show is not just for the locals. The victims are spread out all over the world with a significant chunk in India, the U.S., Brazil, Colombia, South Africa, Argentina, and Nigeria.

A Trip Down the Memory Lane

If you're thinking, "Wait, haven't we seen this before?" you're right! Last summer, AT&T Alien Labs reported a similar malware being distributed through game cracks, turning Windows users' devices into botnet endpoints. That malware managed to compromise over 400,000 Windows systems. Ah, the good ol' days!

Consent or Con?

In a twist that would make any soap opera proud, the company behind the botnet claims that all the victims willingly signed up for this! We'd love to meet these generous souls who just decided to be part of a proxy infrastructure. Or is it just another con in this grand scheme of things? Stay tuned to find out!
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