Unlocked and Exposed: Zenlayer’s Data Blunder Leaves Millions of Records Up for Grabs!

Dare to leave your database unlocked? Zenlayer did, and oh boy, did they fling open the digital gates to a hacker’s playground with 380 million juicy records! Cybersecurity hide-and-seek champ, Jeremiah Fowler, found it—no password, no problem. Zenlayer’s oopsie could spell a cybercriminal fiesta. #DataBreachDrama

Hot Take:

Looks like Zenlayer decided to throw a cyber house party and forgot to close the front door. And guess who walked in? Our cybersecurity sleuth, Jeremiah Fowler, playing the role of the friendly neighborhood watch. But instead of a ‘thank you’, Zenlayer ghosted him faster than a teenager after a bad first date. Data privacy? More like ‘Data-whoops-we-did-it-again’!

Key Points:

  • Jeremiah Fowler, cybersecurity hobbyist, stumbled upon a whopping 380 million records in an unlocked Zenlayer database. That’s more open than a 24/7 diner.
  • Inside the digital treasure chest were Zenlayer’s internal secrets and customer info. Because who doesn’t love oversharing?
  • Files labeled “security” in an unsecured database? Oh, the irony is thicker than a bowl of oatmeal.
  • Among the exposed: a Russian telecom company cozy with sanctioned state-controlled entities. Awkward!
  • Zenlayer clamped the database shut post-Fowler’s tip-off, but details? They’re giving us the silent treatment.

Need to know more?

Who Left the Backdoor Open?

Imagine leaving your diary at a bus stop – that's pretty much what Zenlayer did, but with 380 million records. Fowler, playing detective, discovers this digital diary and finds not just tears and teenage angst but a full-on company and customer data fiesta.

Unintended Open House

From server logs to salespeople's secrets, this database was like an all-you-can-eat buffet for data-hungry hackers. And let's not forget the VPN records and IP addresses – a perfect starter kit for any aspiring cybercriminal.

Ghosted by Zenlayer

So Fowler does the decent thing and alerts Zenlayer, who promptly locks it down. But rather than giving him a pat on the back, or even a simple 'k, thx, bye,' Zenlayer pulls a Houdini on him. No further info, no update, just the sound of crickets.

The Russian Connection

Among the exposed is a Russian company snuggling up with sanctioned friends. Not exactly the kind of thing you want floating around the interwebs. It's like discovering your quiet neighbor is actually an international man of mystery.

The Sound of Silence

As of press time, the digital lips of Zenlayer are sealed tighter than a drum. No word on how long their data was hanging out in the breeze or who might have taken a peek. It's a cyber cliffhanger, and we're all waiting for the next episode.

Calling All Cyber Sleuths

While we wait for Zenlayer to spill the digital beans, maybe it's time for the rest of us to check our own cyber locks. Because let's face it, nobody wants to be the next plot twist in the ongoing saga of 'Data Breaches and Digital Drama.'

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The Pen Behind the Prose

And who's bringing us this cyber soap opera? None other than Sead Fadilpašić, a seasoned IT and cybersecurity journalist who probably has more plot twists up his sleeve than a season of "Black Mirror".

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