Touchdown for Bots: Elon Musk’s X Scores a Whopping 76% Fake Traffic Post-Super Bowl

Super Bowl bots blitz: Elon Musk’s X sees 76% fake traffic, leaving advertisers scrambling more than quarterbacks with buttered-up footballs. Will X tackle the issue, or is it destined for a bot-soaked end zone dance? Stay tuned!

Hot Take:

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s… a bot army? X, formerly known as Twitter, seems to have become the digital Woodstock for bots after the Super Bowl, leaving advertisers feeling like they’ve bought tickets to a concert where the audience is 75% cardboard cutouts. Meanwhile, Elon Musk might be too busy prepping his Mars rocket to notice that his social media playground has more fakes than a knockoff designer purse stall. Buckle up, because it turns out that when it comes to online traffic, quantity does not equal quality!

Key Points:

  • Super Bowl LVIII was a touchdown for X, with over 10 billion impressions, but it turns out a whopping 75.85% of that traffic might have been as fake as a spray-on tan.
  • CHEQ, the cybersecurity firm, has been playing Sherlock Holmes and discovered that the bot traffic on X during the Super Bowl weekend was more inflated than a football in a helium factory.
  • A comparison of inauthentic activity across social platforms puts X in the lead with nearly 76% fake traffic, while TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram are sitting pretty with single-digit fakeness levels.
  • Advertisers on X might be experiencing buyer’s remorse, finding that their campaigns’ click-through rates are about as genuine as a politician’s smile.
  • Since Musk’s acquisition and subsequent layoffs, X’s bot issue has escalated faster than a SpaceX launch, leaving many to wonder if the platform is on the verge of a bot-ocalypse.

Need to know more?

Botpocalypse Now

Remember the good ol' days when going viral meant actual humans were watching? X users and advertisers alike are scratching their heads as their viral content seems to be getting more artificial engagement than a reality TV show romance. Brace yourselves, because the bots are coming, and they've got AI-generated comments and spammy links that will make your eyes roll harder than a teen asked to clean their room.

Where's Waldo (The Real User)?

Gene Marks, a small business owner, is like a digital Columbus who set sail with X and discovered... absolutely no real user traffic. With $50 worth of advertising yielding zero authentic visits, it's like throwing a party and only your imaginary friends show up. X's analytics might need a pair of glasses because it seems to be seeing things that just aren't there.

The Musk Factor

Last year, back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth and X was still Twitter, the fake traffic was a cute 2.81% during the Super Bowl. Fast forward to Elon Musk's era, and it's morphed into a monstrous 75.85%. Could it be that in the quest for Mars, Elon left the bot gate open on X? It's anyone's guess, but one thing's for sure – advertisers aren't thrilled about paying for phantom fans.

The Great Bot Detective

CHEQ's CEO Guy Tytunovich and his team are like the bot detectives, uncovering the mysteries of fake traffic. And while they can't pinpoint the exact number of bots chillin' on social media platforms, they've got enough data to confirm that X's bot party is the hottest (and most artificial) ticket in town. It seems that even during regular days, not just Super Bowl Sundays, X's traffic is about as real as a unicorn sighting.

Trust and Safety? More like Ghostbusters!

With layoffs hitting X's Trust and Safety team harder than a crash diet, it's no wonder the bots are having a field day. Musk's strategy seems to be: if you can't beat 'em, join 'em. Or at least, ignore them and hope the advertisers don't notice. But hope is not a strategy, and Musk might need to call in the bot-busting big guns before his advertisers pull a Houdini and disappear.

So there you have it, folks. X's Super Bowl performance was more bot than not, and it's giving everyone from advertisers to regular users a serious case of the digital blues. As we ponder the fate of this once-great social platform, one can't help but wonder: Is X becoming the ultimate vanity mirror for bots, reflecting nothing but their own artificial glory?

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