TinyTurla-NG Strikes: How Russia’s Cyber Spies Penetrated European NGO Networks

Turla’s sneaky cyber antics strike again! They’ve tiptoed into a European NGO’s systems, leaving TinyTurla-NG backdoors and antivirus blind spots. This digital heist, starting October 2023, showcases their ‘hide and seek’ mastery. Watch out for these cyber ninjas! #TurlaTinyTerror

Hot Take:

Oh no, not again! The notorious Turla gang is back at it, sprinkling their cyber pixie dust across European NGOs. This time, they’ve conjured up a charming little backdoor named TinyTurla-NG, sneaking past antivirus bouncers like they’re on the guest list. It seems these digital ninjas have a thing for NGOs, especially those with a taste for democracy and Ukrainian support. Let’s unpack this latest digital heist that’s got more twists and turns than a spy novel!

Key Points:

  • Turla, the cyber-sorcerers with a Russian passport, have infiltrated an NGO’s systems to set up shop with TinyTurla-NG.
  • These crafty hackers have been throwing antivirus parties and forgetting to invite the actual antivirus software, thanks to strategic exclusions.
  • Networks are their playground, as they slide from system to system with Chisel, a tool that’s more about sculpting data exfiltration paths than art.
  • The cyber-sleuths at Cisco Talos have traced the digital footprints back to October 2023, but it seems Turla’s been playing hide-and-seek ever since.
  • Evading detection is second nature to these folks, with Microsoft Defender turned into a mere spectator as TinyTurla-NG does its dirty work.

Need to know more?

Deja Vu with a Russian Twist

Just when you thought your digital life was getting boring, in waltzes Turla with a fresh cyber-espionage waltz. The latest performance features an unnamed European NGO, which must feel like they've won a twisted lottery. They've been graced by TinyTurla-NG, a backdoor so tiny it's like the ant-man of malware, sneaking into systems and laying low. But don't be fooled by the size - this little critter packs a punch.

Antivirus? More Like Antivanish!

Imagine throwing a party and not inviting the one friend who tells you when you've had too much to drink. That's what Turla did with antivirus software. They waltzed into the NGO's systems, whispered sweet nothings to Microsoft Defender, and set up their backdoor love nest without so much as a side-eye. And just like that, antivirus was ghosted, leaving Turla to their nefarious devices.

The Great Data Heist

It's not just about getting in; it's about getting out with the goods. Turla's tool of choice? Chisel. Not to be confused with the one in your grandpa's old toolbox, this Chisel is all about chipping away at the network's defenses to create a cozy tunnel for data exfiltration. It's like Shawshank Redemption, but instead of Andy Dufresne, it's data packets crawling to freedom.

The Plot Thickens

The breadcrumbs lead back to October 2023, with the Chisel caper kicking off in December. By January 12, 2024, the data was flying the coop, and Turla was probably popping digital champagne. But, like any good mystery, there's always more under the surface. The Cisco Talos detectives are still piecing together the puzzle of the exact intrusion methods. Stay tuned, folks.

Microsoft Defender's Day Off

Who knew Microsoft Defender could be so easily persuaded to turn a blind eye? Turla's grand plan involved configuring the antivirus to look the other way while TinyTurla-NG got down to business. It's like convincing the school principal to leave the building while you throw a wild party in the cafeteria. The malware, masquerading as a "System Device Manager," then settled in to spy, steal, and call home with all the secrets. Now that's a strategy that's both devious and ingenious.

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