TheMoon Malware Strikes Again: 6,000 ASUS Routers Hacked in 72 Hours by Faceless Proxy Service

In the cybercrime cosmos, TheMoon malware’s latest shenanigans target ASUS routers, with 6,000 devices snagged in a cybernetic dragnet. Outdated tech’s a feast for this botnet beast, so keep your gadgets updated or they’ll join the proxy party at Faceless—a haven for the hack-happy set.

Hot Take:

Here we go again, folks! TheMoon malware is throwing a cosmic tantrum, turning our trusty old routers into a grand masquerade ball for cyber ne’er-do-wells. It’s like a digital “Night of the Living Dead,” but instead of craving brains, these zombies hunger for bandwidth and anonymity. And let’s be honest, who wouldn’t want a router that doubles as a cloak of invisibility for the digital world? Just kidding, update your tech, people!

Key Points:

  • TheMoon malware has morphed once more, infecting SOHO routers and IoT devices across 88 countries like a cybernetic plague.
  • Linked to the shady “Faceless” proxy service, it’s turning gadgets into cybercriminal invisibility cloaks.
  • Poor ASUS routers, 6,000 attacked in less than three days! It’s like they sent out a newsletter to all the hackers: “Party at ASUS’s house!”
  • Black Lotus Labs is on the case, mapping out the dark stars in this cyber constellation and offering up some celestial advice.
  • Signs your router has joined TheMoon’s zombie horde include an unexpected sauna feature (overheating) and mood swings (connectivity issues and setting changes).

Need to know more?

Router Rodeo:

TheMoon malware isn't exactly new; it's been haunting our hardware since 2014, spreading faster than a viral dance move. The latest shimmy started in March 2024, targeting almost 7,000 devices in a single week. These hackers clearly don't believe in taking weekends off. Black Lotus Labs is like the neighborhood watch for the internet, and they've been tracking these digital desperadoes as they lasso thousands of ASUS routers into their botnet corral.

Hide and Seek Champion, 2024:

Once TheMoon gets its hooks into a device, it sets up shop faster than a pop-up store selling limited edition sneakers. It starts with a secret handshake (checking for specific shell environments), then drops its payload like a hot mixtape. The malware is quite the bouncer, setting up rules to keep unwanted traffic out, and then checks the NTP servers like it's looking for a good signal to start a flash mob.

The Invisible Man's Favorite Network:

Faceless is less a service and more a digital speakeasy for the cybercriminal elite, serving up encrypted cocktails of network traffic while scoffing at the idea of ID checks. It's a criminal Airbnb where you pay in untraceable cryptocurrency to rent out someone's compromised IoT device for a night on the dark web. Black Lotus Labs is painting a picture of this Faceless fiesta, but the party planners are smart, making sure each device only chats with one server to avoid the cops crashing the party.

A Router's Retirement Plan:

As for keeping your own tech off the guest list, it's all about a good defense. Use passwords stronger than your coffee, keep your firmware fresher than your playlist, and if your device is so old it's getting AARP mail, it's time for an upgrade. And if you find your router running hot like it's just finished a marathon or acting weird like it's been possessed, it might be time for an exorcism—or maybe just a factory reset.

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