The Ironic Inception: When Hackers Hack Hackers

In a hilarious twist of irony, cybersecurity researchers at Hudson Rock discover that hackers aren’t immune to hacking after all. Over 100,000 compromised systems belonged to hackers, revealing poor password habits that would make your tech-illiterate aunt blush.

Hot Take:

Well, this is one for the books. Hackers breaching hacker’s devices? Sounds like a season finale of a tech drama series. It’s like a twisted version of “Inception” – hacking within hacking. The guys at Hudson Rock have been playing Sherlock in the dark online world, sniffing out stolen login credentials from compromised systems. And if you thought hackers were any wiser with their password habits, think again! It seems like some of them can be as lazy as your grandma when it comes to password security.

Key Points:

  • Researchers at Hudson Rock found that hackers are not immune to hacking, with over 100,000 compromised systems belonging to hackers.
  • More than 140,000 login credentials to hacking forums were stolen from these compromised systems.
  • Hackers get their computers infected in the same way as average users – by downloading fake software and cracks promoted on social media.
  • Despite their profession, some hackers have poor password practices, just like the rest of us.
  • The majority of compromised accounts were for the Nulled community, a popular hacking forum.

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When Hackers Hack Hackers

In a delicious twist of irony, hackers aren't immune to hacking. Hudson Rock's cybersecurity researchers have found that over 100,000 compromised systems belonged to hackers, with more than 140,000 login credentials to various hacking forums stolen.

How Do Hackers Get Hacked?

If you thought hackers were invincible online warriors, think again! Turns out, they're just as susceptible to downloading infected software or fake cracks from social media as any average Joe. It's a wild world out there, folks.

Pass(Word) the Buck

And here's a fun fact for you - despite living in the shadows of the Internet, some hackers have as poor password habits as your tech-illiterate Aunt Sally. Hudson Rock's experts found that while most hackers had strong passwords for hacking forums, some were just as lazy as the rest of us.

The Nulled Community Takes the Hit

And who took the brunt of this hacking spree? The Nulled community. Nearly 60,000 compromised accounts belonged to this popular hacking forum. So next time you think of joining a hacking community, maybe think twice?

Just Keeping Tabs?

And here's the kicker - the researchers speculate that those with weak passwords probably weren't even interested in participating in the hacking community. They were likely just keeping tabs on the discussions or waiting for a juicy database to go on sale. Talk about secret shoppers!
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