Tech Moves: Nintex Veteran Brian Cook Voices New Chapter as CEO of AI Startup WellSaid Labs; F5 Beefing Up Security with New CISO Samir Sherif

From the boardroom to the sound booth, Brian Cook tunes into WellSaid Labs as CEO, orchestrating AI’s synthetic symphony. Meanwhile, F5 locks in Samir Sherif to safeguard their digital fortress, and Slalom’s latest shake-up has Amy Loftus curating customer crescendos with Kristine Santa-Coloma Rohls championing workplace harmony.

Hot Take:

Move over, musical chairs—tech execs are playing their own version of the game, and it’s called musical startups! Brian Cook is the latest to spin the wheel, landing as CEO of WellSaid Labs and bringing his Midas touch from Nintex to the world of AI voices. Meanwhile, F5 is playing it safe with cybersecurity vet Samir Sherif guarding the digital fortress, and Slalom is shuffling its deck with new chiefs who probably know more about customer cuddles and people pampering than a teddy bear at a sleepover party. And let’s not forget our tech crusaders and cancer combatants, who are either launching next-gen CRMs or snagging hefty checks for research. Who knew that the tech world had more drama than a telenovela?

Key Points:

  • Brian Cook, Nintex’s former CEO, is now leading the vocals at AI synthetic voice startup WellSaid Labs.
  • Cybersecurity heavyweight F5 ropes in Samir Sherif as the new chief infosec wrangler.
  • Slalom, not to be left behind, plays the game of thrones with Amy Loftus and Kristine Santa-Coloma Rohls as their new customer and people queens.
  • Seattle tech veteran Patrick Thompson is stirring the CRM pot with a fresh startup called Clarify.
  • The ethical side of AI gets a holy touch with Father Paolo Benati’s visit, while Oleria bulks up its board and coffers for a cybersecurity showdown.

Need to know more?

The Man with the Golden Voice (Tech)

Brian Cook's LinkedIn is probably burning up with congratulatory emojis as he takes the CEO seat at WellSaid Labs. You might remember him from such hits as "Nintex" and "Hyperfish," but now he's playing in the big leagues of AI, where voices are as synthetic as the plants in your dentist's office. With a $10 million Series A in the kitty and a customer list longer than a CVS receipt, WellSaid is looking to Cook to turn their AI chatter into gold.

The Cybersecurity Sheriff Comes to Town

F5, the tech titan who's more into cybersecurity than a cat is into cardboard boxes, has snagged Samir Sherif to keep the hackers at bay. With two decades at Citi under his belt, Sherif is the digital equivalent of a Wild West gunslinger. And with F5's stock climbing faster than a squirrel on an energy drink, they're betting Sherif can keep their cyber barn safe from the digital outlaws.

Slalom's New Royal Court

Meanwhile, Slalom is shaking things up by crowning Amy Loftus as its first-ever chief customer officer, because who doesn't love a good customer cuddle? And Kristine Santa-Coloma Rohls steps up as chief people officer, presumably to ensure that office Nerf gun fights remain fair and fun for all. They've got their work cut out for them, especially after Slalom did a Marie Kondo on its workforce last September, thanking 900 employees for their service before showing them the door.

CRM, but Make It 'Next-Gen'

Patrick Thompson, a man who's dabbled in data analytics more than a hipster in craft beers, is now pouring his heart into Clarify, a CRM startup that promises to be as next-gen as self-lacing sneakers. With Austin Hay and Ondrej Hrebicek by his side, Thompson is set to redefine customer relationships in a way that might just make your Rolodex spin in its grave.

When Tech Meets the Divine

And in a plot twist that no one saw coming, Father Paolo Benati, an AI ethics expert, is taking a break from the Vatican vibes to drop some moral knowledge on Seattle University. For one month, he'll be preaching the good word on tech ethics, making sure our AI future doesn't turn into a sci-fi cautionary tale.

Securing the Future with Fresh Faces and Funds

Cybersecurity startup Oleria isn't just padding its board with industry heavy-hitters like Taher Elgamal and John Watters—it's also stuffing its piggy bank with a cool $33 million. With new brains and bucks, they're poised to take on the cyber baddies and keep our digital streets cleaner than a whistle in a soap factory.

Heroes in Lab Coats

Last but not least, Aaron Ring of Fred Hutch is laughing all the way to
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