“Summer Malware Mayhem: The Unexpected Return of QakBot and its Mischievous Mates”

“Summer’s hot, but QakBot’s hotter! This relentless malware didn’t pack its bags for a beach vacay, but instead launched a Phishing Campaign wreaking havoc since August. Despite a server takedown, it’s delivering Ransom Knight ransomware and Remcos RAT. QakBot Malware Phishing Campaign: more action-packed than any summer blockbuster!”

Hot Take:

Well, wasn’t that a wild ride? The infamous QakBot is back in town, and this time, it’s got some new tricks up its sleeve. Despite a takedown of its command-and-control servers, these pesky malware mongers are still causing havoc with their phishing campaign. So much for a quiet August, right? Instead of sun, sea, and sandcastles, we got Ransom Knight ransomware and Remcos RAT. And they say summer is for relaxing.

Key Points:

  • Cyber baddies behind QakBot have been linked to an ongoing phishing campaign since early August 2023.
  • The campaign has led to the delivery of Ransom Knight ransomware and Remcos RAT.
  • Despite a takedown of QakBot’s command-and-control servers, the phishing campaign continues.
  • QakBot, a Windows-based banking trojan since 2007, has been developed further to deliver even more payloads, including ransomware.
  • The phishing campaign seems to target Italian speakers, based on the Italian language used in file names.

Need to know more?

Summer Blockbuster: The Return of QakBot

So, you thought QakBot was down and out? Think again! After a takedown operation named "Duck Hunt" (no ducks were harmed, promise!), our malware friend emerged from the ashes. Instead of retreating, they launched a phishing campaign that's been ongoing since early August.

Introducing the New Kids on the Block: Ransom Knight and Remcos RAT

The QakBot operators have been delivering Ransom Knight ransomware and Remcos RAT via this phishing campaign. Think of them as the unruly new kids on the block, fresh from the QakBot school of mischief.

A Trojan Horse In New Clothes

QakBot isn't just a one-trick pony. This Windows-based banking trojan has been evolving since 2007, learning how to deliver additional payloads, including ransomware. It's like a Trojan horse in new clothes - still as malicious, but with more added features.

Italian Job: A Phishing Campaign with a Linguistic Twist

These cyber miscreants seem to have a thing for Italy. They've been using Italian language file names in their phishing campaign, suggesting they're targeting Italian speakers. It's as if they're trying to make their phishing attempts more "authentic".

The Future of QakBot: A Never-Ending Story?

While the QakBot infrastructure may have taken a hit, the threat is far from over. The operators remain active, and researchers believe they may choose to rebuild QakBot to resume their pre-takedown activity. So, it seems our story of QakBot is far from over. Stay tuned for the next episode!
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