Spicing Up Cybersecurity: How LSU’s Internship Program is Stirring a Pot Full of Cyber Talent

Cajun spice and cyber advice: Louisiana State University and Ingalls Information Security are brewing a tasty blend of growing cybersecurity talent in Louisiana. This two-year internship program sees students moonlighting as cyber warriors and the business world is taking notes. Who knew that defending against cyber attacks could be an extracurricular activity?

Hot Take:

Well butter my biscuits and call me cyber-savvy! Louisiana State University (LSU) and Ingalls Information Security are cooking up a spicy gumbo of cyber talent. The pair have teamed up for a two-year internship program to thicken the cybersecurity gravy in the state. With students moonlighting as cybersecurity analysts, these budding keyboard warriors are gaining credit in more than just their university transcripts. Oh, and did we mention this cybersecurity training program is so good, even the business world is taking notes? Talk about setting the bar for “extracurricular activities”.

Key Points:

  • LSU, LSUA, and LSUS have partnered with Ingalls Information Security for a two-year internship program aimed at growing the cyber workforce in Louisiana.
  • The students work as tier-one cybersecurity analysts at Ingalls, responding to cyber attacks and monitoring threats globally from the Ingalls Security Operations Center (SOC).
  • LSU Baton Rouge and LSU Shreveport have created their own student-manned SOCs, a move welcomed by Ingalls.
  • Many of the interns transition to becoming employees at Ingalls, gaining real-world skills and expertise highly sought after by future employers.
  • The partnership also extends to industry experts working as adjunct faculty at LSU, ensuring the curriculum stays up to date and relevant.

Need to know more?

A Cybersecurity Gumbo:

LSU, LSUA, LSUS, and Ingalls Information Security have created a recipe for success. Their two-year internship program gives students a chance to defend banks, insurance companies, hospitals and other businesses against cyber threats. This is not your average internship - students get to work as tier-one cybersecurity analysts, learning from seasoned pros at Ingalls and earning academic credit while at it.

From Interns to Employees:

The phrase "once an intern, always an intern" doesn't apply here. Many of Ingalls' interns transition into full-time employees, which is the cybersecurity equivalent of going from the minor leagues to the majors overnight. One of them, Aiden Thaxton, even scored a home run while still in the field, landing a full-time job before even graduating.

Real-World Ready:

The collaboration extends to having industry experts serve as adjunct faculty at LSU, keeping the curriculum as up-to-date as your antivirus software. This ensures students are not just book-smart but also ready to tackle real-world cybersecurity challenges, making them irresistible to future employers.

Addressing the Talent Gap:

The cybersecurity talent gap is like the Mississippi river, it's big and hard to bridge. However, this internship program is doing its part. It's a testament to how academia, industry, and government can collaborate to address the talent gap and make Louisiana a significant player in the cybersecurity arena.


But don't just take our word for it. Ask Elizabeth Gallo, a former intern who's now considering a double major and a career in cybersecurity. This program is a game-changer, turning students' passion into reality and giving them the hands-on experience that no textbook can provide.
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