Sony’s Cybersecurity Soap Opera: Hackers, Scammers and Data Leaks

Sony’s cybersecurity saga continues with new hackers, accusations of scam, and data leaks. A hacker group,, claims a breach, but another threat actor, MajorNelson, labels them scammers and leaks the data. Sony investigates amidst this corporate whodunit.

Hot Take:

Oh, the drama! Sony’s cybersecurity soap opera continues with a new season featuring more hackers, plot twists, and of course, data leaks. In this episode, we’ve got a hacker group named claiming to have breached “all” of Sony’s systems. But wait! Another threat actor, our anti-hero MajorNelson, calls them out as “scammers” and spills the beans – or in this case, the data. The result? A corporate whodunit worthy of its own Netflix series. Popcorn, anyone?

Key Points:

  • Hacker group claims to have breached Sony’s systems.
  • planned to sell the data, citing Sony’s unwillingness to pay a ransom.
  • Another threat actor, MajorNelson, accuses of scamming and leaks the data.
  • Sony is investigating the situation.
  • This isn’t Sony’s first rodeo. A similar breach happened in 2011, resulting in a £250K fine for Sony.

Need to know more?

The Plot Thickens

Just when Sony thought the coast was clear, in comes with a claim to have breached their systems. Now, they're not your typical movie villains who demand a ransom. Nope, they're more like the villainous entrepreneurs of the cyber world, planning to sell the data because Sony apparently didn't want to cough up the ransom.

A Twist in the Tale

Enter MajorNelson, the vigilante of our plot. He accuses of being scammers trying to "chase influence" and does what every good anti-hero does - exposes the truth. Or in this case, leaks the data. MajorNelson seems to have a vendetta against, calling their efforts lies. We're still waiting for the popcorn to pop at this point!

Meanwhile, at Sony HQ

While this hacker drama unfolds, Sony is busy investigating the situation. We can only imagine the flurry of activity behind those corporate doors. This isn't their first time at the cybersecurity rodeo. Back in 2011, a threat actor exposed data from 77 million PlayStation network accounts, resulting in a £250K fine for Sony. Here's hoping Sony has learned its lesson and upped its cybersecurity game since then.
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