Sony Saga: Hacker Feud Over Data Breach

The Sony saga continues with and MajorNelson, hacker groups, battling over data breach claims. Amidst their digital drama, Sony is stuck in the middle, probably reminiscing about simpler Betamax vs. VHS times.

Hot Take:

So, the Sony saga continues, with not just one, but two hacker groups claiming dibs on the data breach. It’s like watching a cyber-version of Mean Girls, with and MajorNelson being the ‘Regina George’ and ‘Cady Heron’ of the hacker world. While they’re busy throwing digital shade at each other, Sony’s sitting in the middle, probably wishing for simpler times when their biggest problem was Betamax vs. VHS.

Key Points:

  •, a relatively new hacking group, claimed to have breached “all” of Sony’s systems, while another hacker, MajorNelson, accuses them of being scammers, leaking the same data.
  • said it wouldn’t ransom Sony, but instead, they plan to sell the data because Sony didn’t want to pay up.
  • The leaked data includes credentials for internal systems, incident response policies, and more.
  • Sony is currently investigating the situation, probably while listening to their own Walkman to drown out the drama.
  • This is not Sony’s first rodeo with data breach. In 2011, information from 77 million PlayStation network accounts was exposed, leading to a hefty fine in 2019.

Need to know more?

Playing the Blame Game

Our first antagonist,, is a newbie in the hacking world, but they clearly want to make a name for themselves. They claim to have breached Sony's systems and offered "proof" by sharing samples of the files. They originally planned a ransom, but Sony apparently didn't want to play ball. Instead, they're now intending to sell the data.

Enter the Second Player

As was busy planning their next move, another hacker, MajorNelson, entered the scene. MajorNelson accused of being scammers and then essentially spilled the tea by leaking the same data claimed to have. It seems MajorNelson isn't a fan of, calling their efforts lies.

Sony's Stuck in the Middle

Meanwhile, Sony is stuck in the middle of this hacker feud, investigating the situation and probably wondering what happened to the good old days of just making electronics. This isn't their first trip to the data breach rodeo, though. Remember the 2011 PlayStation network debacle? That led to a pretty hefty fine for Sony, so they're likely hoping to avoid a repeat performance.

As the story unfolds, we can only hope for a swift resolution - and maybe a popcorn-worthy Twitter feud between and MajorNelson.

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