Small Businesses Play Russian Roulette with Cybersecurity: Printers, the Unseen Threat

In an ironic twist of cybersecurity blindspots, SMBs are acting like the proverbial ostrich, head buried in sand, towards printer security vulnerabilities. Picture this: one third of UK SMBs leave their printers unguarded, and 16% have suffered a breach. It’s like training for a boxing match and forgetting to guard your face!

Hot Take:

It seems like small businesses are acting like toddlers with scissors, after a recent report indicated they can’t handle even the simplest of cybersecurity threats. A third of UK-based small businesses don’t have any security measures in place for their printers (that’s right, printers!) and 16% confirmed they’ve suffered a printer breach. It’s like leaving your house doors open and then wondering why you got robbed!

Key Points:

  • Out of 6,000 SMB IT professionals surveyed across Europe, a third of those in the UK don’t have any security measures in place to protect their printers.
  • 16% of the respondents admitted to having been affected by a printer security breach in the past.
  • 38% see hybrid working as a security threat, but only 41% reported that their company’s cybersecurity training covers this issue.
  • Ransomware and phishing attacks are major concerns for UK SMBs, but only 3% worry about cyber threats from devices like printers.
  • While 79% believe their company’s cybersecurity training is sufficient, less than a quarter confirmed that staff are trained on the security of printers or scanners.

Need to know more?

Confidence Crisis

In a world where even our toasters might be plotting against us, IT professionals responsible for technology purchases at their firms are expressing doubts about their small-to-medium enterprise's cybersecurity posture. Phishing and ransomware attacks are at the top of their worry list, but only a minuscule 3% are concerned about threats from connected devices like printers. That's like worrying about a shark attack but ignoring the piranhas nibbling at your toes.

Training Gap

Despite the glaring security loopholes in their defenses, 79% of the surveyed IT pros believe their firms' cybersecurity training is up to scratch. Yet, less than a quarter of them said that their staff receive training on the security of printers or scanners. It’s like training for a marathon but forgetting to tie your shoelaces!

Overlooked Threats

According to Colin Blumenthal, Sharp Europe VP of IT Services, SMEs often focus on the headline-grabbing cyber attacks and overlook the more everyday business functions that could pose a threat. He suggests that SMEs should start by keeping their scanner and printer software updated, regularly backing up data, and creating a consistent security policy for teams working from multiple locations. Because, let's face it, not all villains wear capes – some hide in your printer!
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