Slice Grass and Demons: Doom Your Lawn with Husqvarna’s Gamer Mower Madness!

Mow down demons as you mow the lawn! Husqvarna’s Automower NERA now features the classic ‘Doom’ for a grass-slashing, monster-blasting good time. Sign up, sharpen blades, and shoot—just don’t trim the daisies! 🌼👾 #DoomOnALawnmower

Hot Take:

Well, if you ever wanted to literally “mow down” your virtual enemies while tending to your lawn, Husqvarna’s got you covered. They’ve turned the mundane into the insane by planting Doom onto a lawnmower. It’s a match made in grass heaven, or hell, depending on how you handle multitasking with monsters and mulch!

Key Points:

  • Husqvarna’s Automower NERA series gets a demonic twist with the classic game Doom running on its display.
  • To play, you’ll need to register your mower and use its control knob for in-game actions; but hurry, this feature cuts off on September 9, 2024.
  • The Doom “lawn party” at DreamHack Winter 2023 in Sweden sowed the seeds for this unique gaming experience.
  • It’s part of a proud tradition of porting Doom to the most unusual devices – from smart fridges to pregnancy tests!
  • Unfortunately, U.S. residents can’t join this digital weeding session; it’s an international affair with a full list of participating countries online.

Need to know more?

Who Saw This Coming?

Certainly not the grass! Doom has been ported to everything short of a toaster (although that's probably coming next), but a lawnmower? That's new turf. The DreamHack Winter 2023 event was the testing ground, and now Husqvarna is letting this idea sprout into a full-blown feature. It's like Farmville for the hardcore gamer – who knew agriculture could get an adrenaline rush?

Tradition of Technological Topiary

Our beloved Doom has been setting up camp in the most bizarre of landscapes, turning everyday objects into gateways to its pixelated purgatory. And while playing Doom on a lawnmower might not help you trim your lawn in record time, it sure as heck will make it the most epic chore of the week. This is not just cutting-edge technology; it's cutting-grass technology!

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If you’re a die-hard Doom aficionado who loves to see the game bloom in the wildest of places, you'll get a kick out of the Doom-running device compilation. And for those who thought a gaming keyboard was peak innovation, wait till you see a keycap that can run Doom. But let’s face it, playing Doom on Twitter has got to be the pinnacle of inefficiency – it's like trying to shoot a cyberdemon with a peashooter.

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