Siemens Security Slip-Up: Siveillance Control’s Write-Wrong Wrinkle Unraveled!

Siemens’ Siveillance Control users, brace for impact: an “Incorrect Authorization” bug (CVSS v4 6.8) could elevate snoopy peepers to scribblers. Update or restrict—your call! CISA’s hands are washed post-advisory. For giggles and fixes, dial Siemens direct!

Hot Take:

Well, folks, it looks like Siemens has stumbled into the cybersecurity limelight with the elegance of a hippo on a tightrope. CISA is washing its hands clean of future updates on this particular Siemens saga, so if you’re using Siveillance Control, it’s time to strap on your infosec armor and get cozy with Siemens’ own advisories. Because, you know, nothing says “secure” like a vulnerability that could let your average Joe with minimal effort scribble over files like a toddler with a crayon.

Key Points:

  • Siemens’ Siveillance Control is the belle of the cybersecurity ball with a vulnerability that’s got a CVSS v4 score of 6.8, which is like a 6.8 on the Richter scale of cyber “oopsies”.
  • This isn’t a high-stakes Hollywood hacker scene; it’s a low attack complexity issue where local users could gain write privileges they shouldn’t have.
  • The affected products are Siveillance Control versions V2.8 to V3.1.1. So, if you’re using one of these, it’s time for an upgrade!
  • Siemens is on top of it, issuing updates and advisories faster than a cat on a hot tin roof.
  • CISA is playing the role of the concerned cyber godparent, reminding everyone to follow best practices and report any cyber shenanigans.
Cve id: CVE-2023-45793
Cve state: PUBLISHED
Cve assigner short name: siemens
Cve date updated: 03/12/2024
Cve description: A vulnerability has been identified in Siveillance Control (All versions >= V2.8 < V3.1.1). The affected product does not properly check the list of access groups that are assigned to an individual user. This could enable a locally logged on user to gain write privileges for objects where they only have read privileges.

Need to know more?

Unauthorized Penmanship

Imagine a world where everyone could just waltz into a library and start editing books willy-nilly. That's kind of what's happening with Siemens' Siveillance Control, except it's not books; it's potentially critical infrastructure systems. And the pen? Well, that's the incorrect authorization vulnerability that's giving local users artistic license where they should have none.

Global Reach, Local Breach

This isn't just a small-town problem; Siemens is as global as your favorite fast-food chain, and their headquarters in Germany are probably not loving the spotlight. The energy sector might be getting a bit hot under the collar, as these systems are deployed worldwide. But fear not, Siemens is no damsel in distress; they're already on their steed with a patch in hand.

Update or Bust

Siemens is like the diligent janitor mopping up the mess with version V3.1.1, while also dropping some wisdom about restricting access and following their operational guidelines like a cybersecurity bible. They've even got a whole webpage dedicated to industrial security, which is like a treasure map for navigating the choppy waters of cyber threats.

Defense Is the Best Offense

CISA may be bowing out of the update game, but they're still cheering from the sidelines, pom-poms in hand, reminding everyone to do their homework before implementing defensive measures. They've got a buffet of cyber defense best practices and strategies up for grabs, and if you spot any suspicious cyber activity, they want to hear about it. No news of villains exploiting this vulnerability yet, but like an iceberg, it's the part you don't see that you should worry about.