Shields Ready: The Ultimate Guide to US Resilience Against Cyberattacks and Natural Disasters

“Building Infrastructure Resilience” isn’t just a fancy term in CISA’s new campaign, Shields Ready. It’s a survival guide for the digital age. From cyberattacks to Mother Nature’s mood swings, the threats are diverse. But hey, even in a crisis, who says you can’t be the superhero of your own disaster movie?

Hot Take:

While the global hoopla is all about the Israel-Hamas war, Uncle Sam is gearing up to tackle potential threats in its own backyard. From cyberattacks on schools to natural disasters knocking out the power grid, CISA is shouting from the rooftops that resilience is the name of the game. And in a world where everything is connected, the stakes are high – just ask the domino at the end of the line.

Key Points:

  • CISA Director Jen Easterly has launched a new campaign to help local governments, businesses, and communities prepare for unexpected threats.
  • The campaign, Shields Ready, builds on FEMA’s Ready public service campaign and includes a 57-page planning guide.
  • Shields Ready focuses on four key areas: identification of critical assets and dependencies, risk assessments, response and recovery plans, and evaluations for improvement.
  • FEMA and CISA will co-host a series of webinars throughout November to educate emergency managers about the new guide.
  • CISA and FEMA emphasize that building resilience and preparedness to reduce the impact of severe weather events is a priority.

Need to know more?

Expect the Unexpected

CISA's Director Jen Easterly doesn't mince words - it's not if an incident will occur, but when. With threats ranging from natural disasters to cyberattacks and terrorism, the need to expect and prepare for disruption is greater than ever.

Shields Up!

The Shields Ready campaign isn't just about surviving a storm – it's about thriving in the aftermath. By building resilience and emergency preparedness into critical infrastructure systems, the U.S. can bounce back faster from crisis. Think of it as a 57-page guide on how to be the superhero of your own disaster movie.

No More Flying Solo

FEMA and CISA are teaming up in November to co-host a series of webinars, educating emergency managers about the new guide. Because let's face it, even superheroes need a sidekick sometimes.

It's Not Just About the Weather

FEMA Administrator Deanne Criswell says it's not just about responding to severe weather events. It's about building resilience and preparedness to reduce their impact. Because as we all know, Mother Nature has a way of changing her mind – and often.

Digital Threats Need Digital Shields

While FEMA has traditionally been all about physical risk preparedness and recovery, Shields Ready is a wakeup call for emergency managers to know their risks in the digital space too. Because in today's interconnected world, a cyberattack on one infrastructure could be the first domino to fall in a catastrophic chain reaction.
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