Seattle Tech Guru Dave Cotter Unveils D3 Advisors to Sculpt Startup Success

Need a startup whisperer? Dave Cotter, ex-Leafly product guru, launches D3 Advisors, offering his tech wisdom on a silver platter to budding entrepreneurs. It’s the Nordstrom of advisory firms—fancy, eh?

Hot Take:

Seattle’s tech scene is reshuffling more than a deck of cards at a magician’s convention. With the tech titans and startups playing musical chairs, it seems like everyone’s snagging a shiny new title or hopping onto a different board faster than you can say “stock options.” As companies big and small navigate the high seas of innovation and investment, they’re decking out their crews with seasoned captains and fresh-faced sailors alike. Avast, ye landlubbers, let’s dive into the who’s who of the latest tech shuffle!

Key Points:

  • Dave Cotter, Seattle’s startup whisperer, has hung up his product hat to don the advisory robe with his new firm, D3 Advisors.
  • From the trenches of Call of Duty, Johanna Faries marches to the helm of Blizzard Entertainment amidst Microsoft’s gaming division layoffs.
  • Marie Donoghue swaps Amazon’s sports streaming playbook for the high-stakes game at DraftKings.
  • Kirt Debique, a Microsoft veteran, is now the mastermind architect at cybersecurity startup Oleria, fresh off a $33 million funding round.
  • Seattle’s not just about coffee and rain anymore; it’s a hotbed for tech exec movements, from contract management to computer vision and beyond.

Need to know more?

Seattle's Startup Sensei Steps Up

After three decades in the trenches, Dave Cotter is leaving the field to become the Yoda of startups. He's trading in the daily grind for the advisory high ground with D3 Advisors. This guy has more experience than a Wikipedia page, having worked with Amazon, Zulily, and even had his own startup gobbled up by Nordstrom. Now, he's set to be the Mr. Miyagi to many a Daniel-san in the startup dojo.

Call of Duty Commander Conquers Blizzard

Johanna Faries, a veteran from the virtual battlegrounds of Call of Duty, is now calling the shots at Blizzard Entertainment. This power play comes hot on the heels of Microsoft's not-so-chill layoff spree, which saw nearly 2,000 gamers getting the game over screen. Faries is stepping in for the legendary Mike Ybarra, promising to bring her A-game to the Blizzard universe.

From Prime Sports to Prime Bets

Marie Donoghue, once the sports whisperer at Amazon, is now betting on a new team as DraftKings' chief of business and growth. Swapping streaming touchdowns for touchdown bets, Marie's playing to win in the big league of sports betting. Here's to hoping her strategy is more royal flush than bluff.

Cybersecurity's New Defender

Kirt Debique, who's been in the Microsoft ecosystem longer than most people's pets, has now joined the guardians of the cyber galaxy at Oleria as the chief architect. With a $33 million war chest, he's about to build some digital fortresses that would make Tony Stark jealous.

Seattle's Tech Tango

It's a full-on hoedown in the Seattle tech scene, with execs and board members swapping partners like it's the last dance. Plainsight Technologies is grabbing headlines with Kit Merker at the helm, while Nexus Search Partners has snagged Sean Kelley, an Amazon and military vet, as a senior partner. And let's not forget Taqtile, who's tapping into Scout Ventures' Brad Harrison for some boardroom insights. In the Emerald City, the tech waltz never stops.

The Non-Techie Tech Moves

It's not all about the bits and bytes; even the public relations and legal fields are getting in on the action. Regan Sheehy is now calling the shots at Fearey, while Elizabeth Breakstone is lawyering up as a partner at Focal. Even the economic development scene is getting a refresh with new faces at Greater Seattle Partners. And for those keeping score in the immunology game, Steven F. Ziegler is now officially a big shot with the American Association of Immunologists.

So there you have it, a whirlwind tour of Seattle's latest tech-scene musical chairs. Whether they're steering startups or guiding goliaths, these movers and shakers are poised to press the big red button on the future. Buckle up, tech enthusiasts—it's going to be a wild ride!