Seal the Deal or Seal Your Fate? Navigating CISA’s Cyber Pledge Tightrope

Facing cyber Armageddon? Fear not! CISA’s “Secure by Design” pledge is the cyber superhero we’ve been waiting for, coaxing companies to go from zero to hero in cyber defense. Will they suit up? Stay tuned! #CybersecurityResponsibility

Hot Take:

Here’s the deal: CISA is playing matchmaker, but instead of love, it’s peddling cybersecurity pledges like they’re going out of style. Tech companies are playing hard to get, flirting with the idea of commitment while eyeing the exit in case things get litigious. It’s like a prenup for the digital age—everyone wants to be secure, but no one wants to lose their shirt in court if things go south. Meanwhile, the Biden administration is like the stern parent saying, “Enough fun and games, kids—it’s time to take responsibility!” And who knew? The ultimate aphrodisiac here might just be European security requirements. Ooh la la, talk about international relations!

Key Points:

  • CISA’s cybersecurity pledge is like a “choose your own adventure” book, but less fun and with more public scrutiny.
  • The Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative (JCDC) tried to be the wingman but ended up like the awkward friend at the party.
  • Feedback from tech companies led to CISA’s pledge getting a makeover—now with vaguer goals and softer language.
  • Legal liability is the monster under the bed for companies; they’re tiptoeing around the pledge like it’s a sleeping dragon.
  • The Biden administration is pushing for a cybersecurity glow-up, shifting the burden from users to vendors, because let’s face it, we’re all tired of updating our passwords every week.

Need to know more?

Love Letters to Cybersecurity

Imagine a world where instead of swiping right, tech companies are penning love letters to cybersecurity. That's what CISA is hoping for with its new pledge. But these aren't your typical teenage declarations of love—no, they're more like prenups, outlining how companies plan to woo their way to better security practices. The catch? They've got to prove they're not just whispering sweet nothings but actually putting in the work.

When Matchmaking Goes Awry

At first, CISA tried to set up the perfect date through the JCDC. But like using your accountant as a dating coach, things got awkward real quick. Companies weren't feeling the vibe, and CISA had to pivot faster than a bachelor caught on a bad date. So, they went back to the drawing board—or the dating pool—consulting the tech industry's equivalent of a relationship guru, the Information Technology Sector Coordinating Council.

Playing the Field

While no company has outright rejected the pledge (because who wants to be that guy?), there's a lot of non-committal murmuring going on. It's like waiting to see who else is going to the prom before buying a dress. Everyone's watching from the sidelines, and CISA is left hoping its pledge doesn't turn into a wallflower.

Cybersecurity, Now With Fewer Strings Attached

Feedback from companies has led to a softer, gentler pledge. CISA's original "firm metrics" were about as popular as a pop quiz on a Monday morning. So they've loosened up the language, because apparently, concrete metrics can be as misleading as a photoshopped profile picture on a dating app.

The Court of Public Opinion (and Actual Courts)

Legal liability is the chaperone nobody wanted at this dance. Companies are eyeing the pledge warily, knowing that any public promise could turn into Exhibit A in a courtroom drama. But there's a twist: some companies might just sign the pledge to show off to their European crushes, who have their own strict security standards. International intrigue indeed!

A Cyber Romeo and Juliet

Finally, CISA's Secure by Design campaign is the Romeo to the administration's Juliet, aiming to star-cross the burden of cybersecurity from users to vendors. After all, we've all been through enough digital heartbreak with the likes of Microsoft and SolarWinds. It's time for vendors to step up and play the hero, or at least the reliable best friend who doesn't let you down when the plot thickens.

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