Russian Hackers Masquerade as German Politicos: The New Malware Dinner Invitation Scam

Dinner party with a side of espionage? Russian hackers masquerade as Germany’s CDU, serving up malware in a phishing course that could leave a nasty aftertaste of stolen info. RSVP for caution! #RussianHackersDineAndDeceive

Hot Take:

Who knew that a hearty German dinner party could come with a side of Russian espionage? APT29 is at it again, folks, sprinkling a little cyber-sabotage into the political strudel. Just when you thought it was safe to RSVP to political soirées, along comes a malware dropper dressed in lederhosen. Prost to cybersecurity awareness!

Key Points:

  • Russian hackers, known as APT29, impersonated Germany’s CDU party to spread malware.
  • The phishing campaign involved a faux dinner invitation leading to the Rootsaw malware dropper.
  • WineLoader backdoor, hidden in the malware, is a versatile tool for cyber espionage.
  • Prior targets of similar campaigns by APT29 include several countries across Europe and beyond.
  • The hacking efforts are likely part of Russia’s broader war campaign, amidst the conflict with Ukraine.

Need to know more?

Phishing for Dinner Guests

Imagine receiving a fancy dinner invite from a major political party, only to find it's a bait for a cyber-attack! The Russian hackers behind APT29 have taken a page out of the spy novel they're probably writing in their spare time, to lure unsuspecting politicos into their web of malware. With Germany as their latest playground, it seems no national schnitzel is safe.

Wine and Dine... with Malware

It's not just about the party, though. The soiree invite comes with an exclusive goody bag: the Rootsaw malware dropper. If you thought the worst thing about downloading a ZIP file was cluttering your desktop, think again. This one deploys WineLoader, which, despite its name, won't help you choose a fine Riesling. Detected by sharp-eyed security sleuths at Zscaler, this backdoor is more like a Swiss Army knife for hackers, ready to slice through your data security.

A Global Party Crasher

Before Germans had to worry about their political party platters being compromised, WineLoader was the uninvited guest in several other countries. The Czech Republic, India, Italy, Latvia, and Peru have all been stops on this malware-tour. Guess APT29 doesn't like to crash the same party twice, eh?

The War Effort Goes Digital

The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has seen many Western European countries stand in solidarity with Ukraine, and it appears Russia's digital warfront is no exception. While no one's raising their hand and saying, "Yep, that was us!" regarding these cyber attacks, all fingers are pointed at APT29, giving a whole new meaning to the term 'dinner party politics'.

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