Russian Bot Takedown: US and Allies Crush Kremlin’s AI Disinfo Machine on Social Media

AI-Powered Russian Bot Farm Taken Offline, Samsung’s Next Big Thing, and Eton’s Nokia Nostalgia!

Hot Take:

Is it just me or does it feel like we’ve stumbled into an episode of ‘Cyberpunk Farmville’? Russian bot farms cultivating bountiful harvests of fake news, while Samsung preps to unleash its next techno-babushka, and a nostalgic Apple blog gets Frankensteined back to life with an AI-brain. Oh, and let’s not forget Eton turning back the clock to the Nokia golden age where Snake was the only app you needed. What a time to be online!

Key Points:

  • Justice Department cracks down on a Russian bot farm’s 968 accounts for spreading faux pas news on X.
  • The bot farm used ‘Meliorator’, a tool that’s more creative than your average social media influencer.
  • A fake Minneapolitan named Ricardo Abbott was Putin’s digital puppet on social media.
  • X (the artist formerly known as Twitter) has put the bots to sleep, permanently.
  • Eton College is making Nokia 3310’s cool again, by force, with their new mobile phone policy.

Need to know more?

Bot Farm Bonanza

Picture this: a thousand-strong army of bots, all singing from the same Russki hymn sheet, spreading digital whispers and tall tales. It's like Westworld, but with less cowboy hats and more Putin propaganda. The masterminds behind this virtual flash mob? None other than RT's digital media crew, who apparently have more creativity than a room full of Hollywood writers. But fear not, for the good ol' Justice Department rode in on their cyber steeds, lassos twirling, to take down these digital desperados before they could tweet "Remember the Alamo!"

Twilight of the Tweets

Our social media superhero, X, swooped in to assist the feds, sharing intel and hitting the 'suspend' button faster than you can say "Jack Dorsey's beard." The accounts are gone, but somewhere, Ricardo Abbott's digital ghost is probably still trying to figure out why he can't log in to share his favorite Putin clips anymore. It's a wild, wild web out there, folks.

Samsung's Showtime

Meanwhile, in the land of the living, Samsung is gearing up for a tech fiesta, and we're all invited to watch the liveblog piñata explode with the latest gadgets. Will the Galaxy Fold 6 bend it like Beckham? Will the Z Flip 6 flip out like a gymnast? And what about the mysterious Galaxy Ring – is it the One Ring to rule them all? Stay tuned for the next episode of "As the Samsung Turns."

The Ghost of TUAW

In a plot twist straight out of a Scooby-Doo episode, The Unofficial Apple Weblog is back from the dead, and it's hungry for content. But instead of the juicy Apple scoops we loved, it's serving up a buffet of AI-generated leftovers that taste eerily similar to last week's news. And to add an extra sprinkle of creepy, the AI has dug up the graves of former writers to slap their names on its Frankenstein creations. It's like a Silicon Valley séance gone wrong.

The Etonian Time Machine

Back across the pond, Eton College is taking the "throwback Thursday" concept to a whole new level. Starting September, the first-year lads will be swapping their shiny smartphones for the indestructible Nokia bricks of yore. They'll be calling, texting, and maybe playing Snake if they're feeling adventurous. It's like Hogwarts, but with less magic and more T9 texting. Who knows, maybe retro is the new black, and Eton is just ahead of the curve. Or maybe they're just trying to keep the kids from googling their homework. Either way, let's pour one out for the death of the selfie at Eton.

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