Ransomware Ruckus: Black Basta Blitzes 500 Orgs, Inc Ransomware’s $300k Code Sale, and STOP’s New Strain!

“In a week where ransomware took a backseat, Black Basta still managed to breach 500 orgs. Meanwhile, Inc Ransomware’s $300k code sale raises eyebrows. And remember, phishing emails are the devil’s newsletters!” #BlackBastaRansomware

Hot Take:

What do you get when you mix ex-Conti members, a dash of phishing, and a sprinkle of botnets? The Black Basta ransomware buffet, serving up a five-course disaster to over 500 companies worldwide. And just when you thought the ransomware restaurant was closing, they’re pulling a fast one, mailbombing employees with a side of social engineering. Bon Appétit, cybersecurity world!

Key Points:

  • Black Basta ransomware, a Conti ransomware spin-off, has feasted on over 500 organizations since its debut in April 2022.
  • The Phorpiex botnet is spreading the love (and by love, I mean LockBit Black ransomware) through millions of phishing emails.
  • Inc Ransomware, the newbie on the block, is trying to sell its source code for a cool $300k – garage sale, cybercriminal style.
  • Australian electronic prescription provider MediSecure got a taste of ransomware, forcing them to pull the plug on their IT systems.
  • The FBI and CISA tag-teamed to reveal the Black Basta ransomware reach, while a new variant of the STOP ransomware casually strolls in.

Need to know more?

When Cybercriminals Have a Garage Sale

Inc Ransomware is like that neighbor who's suddenly moving out and selling everything, including the kitchen sink. Except in this case, it's their ransomware source code that's up for grabs for a mere $300,000. Bargain or bust? It's the ultimate cybercriminal Craigslist.

Phishing: The Cyber Way to Fish for Compliments

The Phorpiex botnet deserves a medal for persistence, flooding inboxes with enough phishing emails to make even a Nigerian prince blush. The twist? These emails are a VIP pass to the LockBit Black ransomware party nobody wants to attend.

Mailbombing: When Spam Isn't Just in Your Sandwich

Black Basta decided that subscribing employees to every newsletter under the sun was the way to go. Imagine getting bombarded with emails about cat sweaters and then being told, "Don't worry, IT support here to help!" Plot twist: IT support is actually the bad guys.

A Prescription for Disaster

Down Under, MediSecure decided to play it safe by shutting down everything but the barbie after getting hit with ransomware. Talk about an IT headache that no amount of eucalyptus can fix.

The FBI and CISA's Most Wanted: 500 Organizations and Counting

The FBI and CISA dropped the mic by announcing that Black Basta's been on a year-long hacking spree, hitting over 500 organizations. Meanwhile, STOP ransomware's just casually dropping new variants faster than you can say "not another one!"

And That's The Weekly Ransomware Rundown

From the ransomware buffet to cyber garage sales, it's been a week of cyber shenanigans. We've got phishing, botnets, and ransomware galore. So batten down your digital hatches, and let's all hope for a quieter week ahead. Until next time, stay secure and try not to click on any suspicious emails promising a lifetime supply of chocolate. That's a phishing campaign, not a dream come true.

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