Ransomware Rebrands: The Melodrama of Malware and How Businesses Are Giving Them the Cold Shoulder

In the pop-star world of Ransomware-as-a-Service Trends, it’s all about rebranding. Cl0p is the new chart-topper, while BlackCat, the REvil reincarnate, lurks close behind. The good news? Only 29% of businesses are humming their tunes and paying the ransom, a record low. Here’s to cybersecurity’s greatest hits keeping us safe!

Hot Take:

It seems malware is taking a leaf out of the pop star playbook – if you’re losing relevance, just rebrand! The Nastiest Malware report from OpenText Cybersecurity is out, and it’s like reading the who’s who of ransomware rebrands. It’s a world where Cl0p is the new Britney and BlackCat is the latest incarnation of REvil. But despite the name changes, it seems businesses aren’t falling for the same old tricks – only 29% are paying the ransom, a record low. So here’s to you, cybersecurity teams – keep on keeping us safe, no matter what name the bad guys are going by.

Key Points:

  • Ransomware-as-a-service (RaaS) is the top threat in the cybersecurity world today.
  • Former big-name malware threats are rebranding, with Cl0p, BlackCat, and Akira leading the pack.
  • Only 29% of businesses are paying ransoms, the lowest percentage ever.
  • Cl0p reached the top of the list due to its MOVEit managed file transfer attack, compromising thousands of firms.
  • BlackCat, believed to be the successor of REvil, gained notoriety after breaching MGM Casino Resorts.

Need to know more?

Passing the Malware Torch

The world of malware is looking a lot like a soap opera, with Cl0p, BlackCat, and Akira taking over as the new big bads. Each one is a rebranded version of a previous threat, stepping into the spotlight after their predecessors took a tumble. It's like watching a very malicious version of The Circle of Life.

Breaking Down the Threats

Cl0p is currently the head honcho, reaching the top spot after its MOVEit managed file transfer attack compromised thousands of firms. BlackCat is not far behind, gaining notoriety after a successful breach of MGM Casino Resorts. And rounding out the top three is Akira, the apparent heir to Conti, that prefers to pick on smaller businesses because, well, they fight back less.

The Good News Amid the Bad

Despite the rise of these rebranded threats, there's a silver lining. Only 29% of businesses are paying the ransom demand, the lowest figure ever recorded. This suggests that businesses are taking security more seriously, and investing in defenses to ensure they're in a position where they don't need to pay. Take that, ransomware rebrands!
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