Ransomware Rascals Run Riot: LockBit Gang’s Hacking Spree Hits Educational Institutions

Hackers are trading Candy Crush for something even sweeter – ransomware attacks on colleges! The latest victim? Río Hondo College. The culprit? The infamous LockBit gang. With 81 attacks in September, they’re setting records – in all the wrong ways. A grim reminder that cybersecurity isn’t just homework, it’s a necessity.

Hot Take:

So, it’s not just your average Joe facing ransomware attacks these days, our sanctuaries of knowledge are in the firing line too! Río Hondo College was the latest to fall prey to these digital scavengers. It seems like the LockBit ransomware gang is on a roll, surpassing their hacking rival’s score and setting new records. Who knew hackers were so competitive! But hey, wouldn’t it be nice if they put that energy into something more constructive? Like creating a new Candy Crush level?

Key Points:

  • Río Hondo College in California recently faced a cybersecurity incident, which the LockBit ransomware gang later claimed responsibility for.
  • While the college managed to restore most of its functions, it remained unclear whether they would pay the ransom or if law enforcement was involved.
  • The attack is the 69th of its kind on an educational institution this year, setting a grim record.
  • The LockBit ransomware group seems to be outperforming its rivals, launching 81 attacks in September alone.
  • Alongside Río Hondo, Stanford University, the University of Michigan and several community colleges have also been targeted this year.

Need to know more?

Río Hondo: The latest victim of digital piracy

Río Hondo College found itself in the crosshairs of the LockBit ransomware gang, resulting in limited campus functions for days. Despite the ordeal, the college's IT team managed to restore access to most of its tools and services. However, the school hasn't spilled the beans on whether they're considering paying the ransom or if our boys in blue are on the case.

LockBit: The Bad Boy of the Cyberspace

If there was an award for the most active ransomware gang, LockBit would undoubtedly take the crown. Not only did they claim Río Hondo as their latest victim, but they've also managed to launch a whopping 81 attacks in September alone. Talk about being overzealous!

Education Sector: The New Playground for Hackers

It's not just Río Hondo that's been hit. The education sector seems to have become a favorite playground for these cyber miscreants. This year alone has seen 69 attacks on universities and colleges, a record that I'm sure nobody's proud of. Institutions like Stanford University, the University of Michigan, and several community colleges have also had to weather the storm of these cyber attacks. It's high time they learned a lesson in cybersecurity, don't you think?
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