Ransomware Attacks: The New Pulse Racer for Healthcare – An Uptick in Threats, but a Silver Lining Emerges

Healthcare Ransomware Attacks 2023: The new report is in and it’s not just your heart rate that’s increasing! With a spike in successful ransomware attacks, our healthcare heroes are playing a dangerous game of cyber tag. But don’t worry, they’re also learning to say ‘no’ to the cyber bullies and refusing to pay up.

Hot Take:

Who needs a heart monitor when you’ve got ransomware attacks to keep your pulse racing? Healthcare organizations are taking a hit, and it’s not from a new superbug. They’re finding themselves on the losing end of a battle against ransomware attacks, according to a fresh-off-the-press report from Sophos. And, like a bad cholesterol level, the results are getting worse each year. The hackers are upping their game, and it seems our healthcare heroes are struggling to keep up.

Key Points:

  • The State of Ransomware in Healthcare 2023 report shows increasing successful ransomware attacks on healthcare organizations.
  • Almost 75% of attacks resulted in successful data encryption, the highest rate in three years.
  • The rate of disrupted attacks before completion has dropped to 24%, indicating the sector’s difficulty in stopping attacks.
  • Data theft along with encryption occurred in 37% of attacks, and recovery time is increasing, with only 47% managing to get back on track within a week.
  • On the bright side, fewer attacks were reported this year, and fewer healthcare organizations are paying the ransom demands.

Need to know more?

The Bad News Bears

Healthcare outfits are losing ground in the cyber war. Hackers are encrypting data in three-quarters of ransomware attacks, a jump from last year's 61%. Only a quarter managed to disrupt the attack before the encryption was complete, a worrying 10% drop from last year. In hacker terms, that's a pretty dismal batting average.

The Grinch Who Stole Data

The stakes are getting higher. In more than a third of successful attacks, not only was the data encrypted, it was also stolen. So the Grinch is not just ruining Christmas, he's taking the tree too. And it's taking longer for organizations to recover. Less than half managed to bounce back within a week.

The Silver Lining

But it's not all doom and gloom. There were fewer attacks this year - 60% compared to 66% last year. And, like a stubborn patient refusing to take their medicine, the number of healthcare firms that paid the ransom demand dropped from 61% to 42% year-on-year. So, perhaps the industry is learning to say 'no' to the cyber bullies.
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