Phishy Business: Simple Scam Snags Savvy Surfers with Car Cash Claims

Buckle up for cybersecurity’s latest speed bump: a phishing scam that’s tricking users faster than a hot rod at a green light. These crafty cyber crooks are offering a 10% car insurance cashback, but the only payout is a Trojan horse. Don’t get taken for a ride—stay alert!

Hot Take:

Oh look, another phishing campaign that could catch more victims than a clearance sale at a bait shop! This time, cybercrooks are dangling a car insurance discount in front of us. Because who can resist a good discount, right? Especially when it’s on something we all love to hate paying for. But before you bite, remember it’s just a sneaky way to deploy the NetSupport RAT, which, spoiler alert, doesn’t stand for a cute rodent tech helper.

Key Points:

  • Cybersecurity sleuths at Cofense have sniffed out a phishing scam with a twist: it’s simple, clean, and comes with a Google Ad link to breeze past security like it’s nothing.
  • The phishing lure? Up to a 10% annual car value rebate. Because nothing says ‘trustworthy’ like free money in tough economic times.
  • The bait-and-switch involves a formerly legit website, blawx[.]com, now a front for distributing a JavaScript file. Spoiler: the file isn’t your ticket to riches.
  • The JavaScript turns out to be a delivery boy for the NetSupport Remote Access Trojan, a hijacked legit tool turned cybercriminal sidekick.
  • As for the size of this phishing pool party? Cofense labels it “relatively small,” but don’t let that fool you – it only takes one phish to stink up your digital waters.

Need to know more?

Hook, Line, and Sinker

So, here's the scoop: our dear phishing friends are impersonating the most beloved of all institutions – a car insurance company. They've crafted a bait email that's as brief as a goldfish's attention span but apparently just as effective. The hook? A too-good-to-be-true rebate on your car's value – every year! And if you've been loyal to your ride for ages, you're supposedly entitled to back pay. Cue the imaginary cha-ching sounds.

Phishy Website Makeover

Curious victims who take the bait are led to blawx[.]com, which used to be on the up-and-up until it got a shady makeover. Now, it's the online equivalent of a van offering free candy. The site promises downloadable instructions to claim your mythical money, but all you get is a JavaScript file that's more Trojan horse than treasure map.

Remote Access or Remote Menace?

The NetSupport Manager software, a tool as old as the internet dinosaurs and designed for legit tech support, has been twisted into the NetSupport RAT by some cyber-mischief makers. It’s like if your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man turned to a life of crime. This RAT is not here to fix your computer bugs; it’s here to bug your computer.

Phishing Pond Size

While Cofense is calling this a "relatively small" campaign, let's not underestimate the power of a small phishing operation. After all, even a minnow can cause a ripple in the cybersecurity pond. The exact number of digital anglers who've taken the bait remains a mystery, but it's safe to say that even one is too many.

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Meet the Messenger

Bringing this tale of digital deception to light is one Sead Fadilpašić, a seasoned journalist hailing from Sarajevo with a knack for spinning yarns about IT and cybersecurity. With a career spanning a decade and a history of writing for Al Jazeera Balkans, he's the tech world's equivalent of a campfire storyteller, sans the s'mores but with plenty of content writing wisdom to share. So next time you read about the latest cyber shenanigans, tip your hat to the messengers who keep us informed and entertained.

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