“Phish out of Water: Executives Beware of the New Scam Surfacing from Indeed’s Depths!”

High-rolling executives, buckle up! A new Microsoft 365 phishing scam is prowling Indeed, slapping a fresh coat of deceit on your job hunt. Using crafty redirects and a phony login page, these cyber swindlers are bypassing multi-factor authentication, all while slipping past your spam filters in an Indeed disguise. Stay alert or risk losing more than just job opportunities.

Hot Take:

Watch out, high-rollers! Phishing just got a fancy upgrade. No longer content to simply spam your inbox, these cyber con artists are now using job search site Indeed to lure unsuspecting hotshots into a trap. With a decoy Microsoft 365 login page and a perfectly innocent looking email, they’re snatching away your digital identity before you can say “What’s my password again?” Beware the bait, folks, because this latest scam is a masterclass in subtle cyber deception.

Key Points:

  • A new phishing scam is directly targeting US executives using reputable job search site, Indeed.
  • The scam uses a weakness in the link provided in genuine Indeed emails, known as an open redirect, to lead you to a fake Microsoft 365 login page.
  • Menlo Security uncovered that this scam can bypass multi-factor authentication by stealing session cookies.
  • The phony login page is facilitated by a platform called EvilProxy, a digital wolf in sheep’s clothing.
  • The clever use of legitimate Indeed links helps these scam emails to bypass spam filters and other security measures.

Need to Know More?

A Phish Out of Water:

This isn't your average phishing scam. Crafted with the subtlety of a master forger, this scheme targets US executives across various industries, from real estate to software. It makes its move by exploiting a weakness in the links provided in authentic Indeed emails, known as an open redirect. This allows the scammers to guide you to their sham Microsoft 365 login page, all while making you believe you're on the up-and-up.

Beware the Middle Man:

The key to this scam's success lies in its use of EvilProxy, a platform that functions as a nefarious go-between. It's essentially a digital shapeshifter, transforming a legit link into a portal to a phony Microsoft 365 login page. Talk about an ugly duckling turning into a downright malicious swan!

Innocence is Not Bliss:

The real kicker here is the use of legitimate Indeed links. Because Indeed is widely recognized and trusted, these emails often sail smoothly past spam filters and other security measures. It's a stark reminder that even as cybersecurity evolves, so too does the cunning of cybercriminals. It's a game of cat and mouse, and right now, the mouse has a pretty convincing disguise.
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