Patch or Peril: ConnectWise ScreenConnect’s Severe Flaw Needs Urgent Fix!

Time to patch up, folks! ConnectWise is sounding the alarm on a gnarly flaw in ScreenConnect servers. With the power of remote code execution at stake, don’t wait for the hackers’ RSVP—update to version 23.9.8, stat!

Hot Take:

Looks like ScreenConnect’s got more holes than a Swiss cheese factory, and the cyber baddies could be turning your servers into their own personal playgrounds! ConnectWise is basically yelling “Patch me, baby, one more time!” to anyone who’ll listen. If you’re running your ScreenConnect on-premises, it’s update o’clock, folks—no ifs, ands, or buts!

Key Points:

  • ConnectWise’s ScreenConnect servers are sitting ducks for a nasty RCE flaw, so it’s time to play “Patch It Now” on repeat.
  • The security gremlins can waltz right past authentication like they own the place, potentially leading to a data pilfering fiesta or an arbitrary code execution jamboree.
  • Path traversal vulnerability is like the VIP backdoor for the high-privilege hacker elite—it’s a bit more exclusive but just as troublesome.
  • Cloud servers are snug as a bug in a rug, but on-premise users need to fast-track to ScreenConnect version 23.9.8 to avoid cyber shenanigans.
  • Huntress researchers are already crafting PoC exploits like they’re auditioning for “America’s Got Cyber Talent,” highlighting the urgency of this patch-a-palooza.

Need to know more?

ScreenConnect or ScreenCrack?

If the latest news from ConnectWise were a movie, it'd be called "Hackers: The Authentication Bypass Strikes Back." The leading star? A maximum severity flaw that's got more potential for drama than a reality TV show. ConnectWise has rolled out the red carpet for an urgent patch to their ScreenConnect servers. Why? Because nothing says "urgent" like an RCE vulnerability that doesn't even need a user to click on anything sketchy to wreak havoc.

Patching: Not Just for Pirates Anymore

The path traversal vulnerability is like the less popular cousin at the family reunion—still important, but only the high-privilege attackers are getting introduced. ConnectWise, keeping a tight lip on the CVE IDs, is playing the mysterious card while insisting that on-premise partners update to version 23.9.8 faster than you can say "cybersecurity crisis."

Cloudy with a Chance of Security

For the cloud server crowd hosted on or, it's all sunshine and rainbows; those servers are already patched up and ready to repel invaders. But for the on-premise party, it's time to swap those party hats for hard hats and get to work on the updates.

Exploit Hunters: They're Just Like Us!

Meanwhile, the Huntress team is out there whipping up proof-of-concept exploits like they're competing in a hackathon. With their PoC, they can sneak past authentication on unpatched servers faster than a kid bypassing parental controls. And thanks to their handy work with Censys, we now know there's a whole lot of vulnerable servers—over 8,800, to be less vague—just waiting for a fix.

Remote (Control) Chaos

Last but not least, let's not forget the PSA from our cybersecurity alphabet soup agencies (CISA, NSA, and MS-ISAC): RMM software like ScreenConnect is becoming the new black for attackers. They're using it as a digital crowbar to pry open networks and take a stroll through systems like they own the joint. It's not just about the here and now; it's a long-term relationship with these hackers, as they're using ScreenConnect for persistent access to networks they've already cozied up to.

So, in summary, it's a race against the clock (and the hackers). If you're an on-premise ScreenConnect user, consider this your cue to patch things up before your data goes on a surprise vacation to Hackerland. Remember, in the world of cybersecurity, procrastination is the enemy, and updates are your trusty sidekick!

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