Open Source Revolution: How Filigran’s €15M Boost is Outsmarting Cybersecurity Startups

In the cyber-chaos, open-source is the superhero startups didn’t know they needed. Filigran, armed with €15M, is leading the charge with a platform that’s like catnip for threat intelligence. Open-source models: transforming cybersecurity faster than you can say “update your antivirus.”

Hot Take:

Open source in cybersecurity is like pineapple on pizza: controversial but undeniably a game-changer for some. Filigran is slicing through the market with its juicy €15M funding, showing us that open-source threat intelligence is not just a trend, but a full-blown feast for startups hungry for innovation and integration. Bon appétit, cyber world!

Key Points:

  • European cyber tech startup Filigran secures a juicy €15M in Series A funding, proving open source is hot stuff even in a chilly VC investment climate.
  • Filigran’s Extended Threat Management (XTM) suite is the cybersecurity darling for over 4,200 organizations, including big names like Marriott and the FBI.
  • OpenCTI and OpenBAS in Filigran’s toolkit allow organizations to play Sherlock with threat intelligence, conducting cyber stress tests and wearing the detective hat with dashboards that would make Watson jealous.
  • The FBI shows Filigran some love, using its OpenCTI platform to get a grip on cybercrime and share info like never before – think of it as the FBI’s new cyber pen pal.
  • Open source is the secret sauce in cybersecurity’s future, with companies like Gutsy using Google’s BERT model to whip up custom security solutions faster than you can say ‘data privacy.’

Need to know more?

The Open Source Sizzle in Cybersecurity Startups

It's not every day that a company like Filigran convinces VCs to open their wallets wide and splash out big bucks in a frosty funding climate. Yet, here we are, with Filigran bagging a cool €15M and making open source the cybersecurity equivalent of a hot-ticket Broadway show. Accel, Moonfire Ventures, and Motier Ventures are betting big, hoping Filigran's XTM suite is the winning ticket in the cybersecurity lottery.

OpenCTI: Your Cyber Crystal Ball

Let's talk about Filigran's shiny toys – OpenCTI and OpenBAS. It's like having a magic crystal ball, but for cyber threats. These tools let organizations peer into the murky waters of threat intelligence, run simulations, and fine-tune their cyber reflexes. Think of it as a cyber gym where your IT muscles bulk up to fight off digital villains. It's not just about looking tough; it's about being tough, thanks to ISO 22398 compliance and a snazzy user interface even your grandma would love.

FBI: Filigran's Badge of Trust

When the FBI uses your platform, you know you're not playing in the kiddie pool anymore. Filigran's collaboration with the FBI is like being knighted in the realm of cybersecurity. The OpenCTI platform is now a badge on the FBI's cyber uniform, helping them to wrangle cybercrime data and share intel faster than you can say "I want the truth!"

Open Source: The Great Unifier

Think of open source as the Swiss Army knife in the world of cybersecurity – versatile, reliable, and always handy. It's not just Filigran; it's an industry-wide love affair. Gutsy's co-founder John Morello is practically writing sonnets about Google's BERT and its open-source finesse, allowing them to create tailored security solutions with the precision of a gourmet chef.

So there you have it, folks. Open source is not just stirring the cybersecurity pot; it's creating a whole new recipe for success. And with startups like Filigran leading the charge, the future looks as promising as a firewall in a hacker's nightmare. Stay tuned, stay secure, and maybe, just maybe, give that pineapple pizza a try – the open source of the culinary world.

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