Omni Hotels’ IT Catastrophe: More Than Just an “Oopsie” – Cyber Chaos Strikes Hard

Omni Hotels hit by IT outage, guests stuck in an “Omni-shambles” as they await drinks—not room keys—with grace under cyber-stress. Cheers to the open bar!

Hot Take:

Looks like Omni Hotels & Resorts might have taken the term ‘hospitality’ a bit too seriously by possibly hosting some uninvited cyber guests. If paper check-ins and ‘text to enter’ room policies weren’t part of the original resort experience, well, they certainly are now! Meanwhile, over at Meta, it’s a digital ‘lights out’ as their services take a nosedive, proving that even social media giants need a ‘BRB’ moment in the cyber age.

Key Points:

  • Omni Hotels & Resorts’ computer systems have been offline since Friday, causing a service disruption reminiscent of MGM Resorts’ ransomware woes.
  • Guests at various Omni locations are dealing with the digital dark age, using paper for check-ins and relying on staff escorts to access their rooms.
  • An Omni employee took to Reddit to share the internal chaos and customer frustration, highlighting the financial and reputational hit the chain is likely to take.
  • Meta is also experiencing outages across its platforms, including WhatsApp, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger, leaving users and advertisers in a lurch.
  • Neither Omni nor Meta have confirmed the exact causes of their respective outages, but the situations echo past cybersecurity incidents.

Need to know more?


Amidst the Omni IT apocalypse, there's a silver lining for thirsty guests: the bar's still pouring! Reddit reports confirm what's truly important stays operational. Guests and staff alike are navigating an analog world, with room keys gone the way of the dodo and Wi-Fi a distant dream. At least we know where the priorities lie—liquid courage to face the technological blackout.

Checking In or Checking Out?

The check-in desk at Omni has turned into a time machine, catapulting visitors back to the pre-digital era with paper forms and no card machines. And if you're feeling nostalgic for those teenage years, just wait for a hotel staffer to chaperone you to your room. There's a new texting hotline too, but patience is a virtue—it's a 30-minute wait to click 'unlock.'

Behind the Front Desk

An undercover 'low-level' Omni employee spills the beans on Reddit, painting a picture of reservation reservation – only those made pre-outage are accepted. It's a scene of corporate carnage, a "very stressful work weekend," and fears of paychecks in peril. But don't fret, the Omni crusaders are on a mission to smooth out the rough edges of this digital disaster.

Outage Déjà Vu

The Omni outage is giving us some serious MGM Resorts ransomware infection flashbacks. The cybercriminal gang Scattered Spider apparently had a field day with a simple 10-minute call to MGM's help desk. While Omni hasn't confirmed the cause, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's probably a cyber-duck wreaking havoc.


Just when you thought it was safe to slide into DMs, Meta's platforms take a tumble, too. A global outage across WhatsApp, Instagram, and more leaves users questioning their internet bill payments. Meta's engineers are on the case, with some users reporting a return to the digital world. But with the lights flickering on and off, it's a reminder that even the titans of tech can trip over the power cord.

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