Okta’s Cookie Catastrophe: A Hilarious Tale of Hackers, Crumbs, and a Major Sugar Crash

Okta, the digital gatekeeper, was hacked recently, leaving a crumb trail of questions and one heck of a sugar crash. The hackers made off with a big batch of client session cookies, bypassing multi-factor authentication. Now, in this Okta Hacking Incident Analysis, we explore how the hackers turned lemons into nefarious lemonade.

Hot Take:

Well, that’s a “cookie” crumble of a large scale! Okta, the digital gatekeeper that holds the keys to many companies’ virtual kingdoms, was hacked recently. The hackers snagged themselves a big batch of client session cookies. I guess we now know the secret recipe for bypassing not just login screens, but also multi-factor authentication. So, while the hackers are off to the races with their well-earned cookies, Okta is left sweeping up the crumbs and dealing with one heck of a sugar crash.

Key Points:

  • Hackers breached Okta, an access and identity service provider, stealing client session cookies that could grant them access to the networks of various companies.
  • The hackers obtained login credentials to Okta’s support case management system, viewing browser recording files uploaded by customers for troubleshooting. These files often include website cookies and session tokens that could bypass multi-factor authentication.
  • Security firm BeyondTrust confirmed that an attacker used a session token from an uploaded browser recording to create a new admin account, compromising a client’s system.
  • Approximately 1% of Okta’s userbase was affected by the breach. The company, which services around 17,000 customers, has notified the affected firms.
  • The incident occurred in October 2021 but was only recently made public.

Need to know more?

Caught with their hand in the cookie jar

Unidentified hackers managed to break into Okta, a company that provides identity and access services, including Single Sign On. They stole client session cookies, granting them potential access to the networks of various companies. It's like sneaking into a bakery and walking out with the secret recipe for their best-selling cookies!

From troubleshooting to trouble making

The hackers didn't stop at a simple break-in. They got their hands on login credentials for Okta's support case management system. They were able to view browser recording files that Okta's customers uploaded for troubleshooting, which often includes the holy grail of hacking – website cookies and session tokens. This allowed them to bypass not only the login screen but also multi-factor authentication. Talk about turning lemons into a nefarious lemonade.

The domino effect

The breach had a domino effect, with one of Okta's clients experiencing a hacking attempt soon after sharing a browser recording session with Okta. The attacker used a session token from the uploaded browser recording and created a new admin account, giving them virtually unrestricted access. The good news is that BeyondTrust, a security firm, was able to identify and confirm the attack's source.

The aftermath

Okta has stated that this breach affected roughly 1% of its userbase. Given that Okta services around 17,000 customers, that's still a fair number of potentially compromised companies. Okta has since notified the affected firms and contained the incident. But it certainly leaves a crumb trail of questions about how the attacker got those credentials in the first place.

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