Nominet’s Double Whammy: Staff Cuts Loom as Domain Price Hike Threatens Amidst Contract Losses

Nominet’s staff cut saga: With a cyber contract kaput and domain dough dwindling, brace for the ‘price hike’ plot twist. #NominetNosedive

Hot Take:

It’s like a game of corporate Jenga for Nominet. They’re pulling out blocks of staff in hopes the tower doesn’t topple, but whoopsie-daisy, there goes their government cyber contract. Now, they’re eyeing the domain registration piggy bank with a glint in their eye, because who doesn’t love a price hike in these trying times?

Key Points:

  • Nominet could say “bye-bye” to up to 70 roles, trimming down from a cozy 315 headcount.
  • The company lost a juicy £30 million government contract for the Protective Domain Name Service, which is like losing your umbrella in a rainstorm of cyber threats.
  • Despite blocking billions of DNS queries and an increase in activity, the cyber biz’s revenue is on a diet, slimming slightly to £12.6 million.
  • Nominet’s CEO is playing financial Tetris, trying to align a hiring freeze and a spending review to clear rows of costs.
  • Domain registration prices might need to stretch like yoga pants to cover the revenue gap, but no firm decision yet.

Need to know more?

Cybersecurity Musical Chairs

In the waltz of corporate restructuring, Nominet is humming a somber tune. CEO Paul Fletcher is conducting a symphony of cutbacks, with a potential 70 staffers facing the music. It's a dance of delicate decisions as Nominet tries to stay nimble in the face of stiff competition and a shrinking demand for domains.

Contract Curtain Call

The spotlight has dimmed on Nominet’s partnership with the UK government. The £30 million PDNS gig is bowing out, and with it goes a significant chunk of change. Fletcher praised the performance, but alas, all shows must come to an end, and this one's not getting a renewal.

Profit Performance Anxiety

Speaking of money, Nominet's cyber business is feeling a bit like a one-hit-wonder after their latest financial release. They're pulling in millions, sure, but when you're used to chart-toppers, even a slight drop can feel like a flop. With the cyber biz's revenue slipping to £12.6 million, it's clear that they're chasing the elusive hit of "profitability."

Squeezing Pennies and Projections

Fletcher's memo is a masterclass in corporate optimism, combining the classic hits of "hiring freeze" and "spending review" with the promise of future updates. It's a fiscal cliffhanger, leaving everyone wondering whether the next episode will feature the domain price hike drama we've all been anticipating.

There's a Silver Lining Somewhere

It's not all dark clouds over at Nominet HQ. Sure, the PDNS contract is taking its final bow, but let's not forget the encore! Nominet has snagged a contract to support the NHS digital estate and another to back up So, fingers crossed, there will be enough hands on deck to keep the cyber ship sailing smoothly.

And that's the scoop! Nominet is tightening belts, charting new courses, and maybe, just maybe, asking for a little more from your domain registration wallet. Stay tuned to see if their corporate Jenga tower stands tall or sends blocks scattering all over the internet floor.

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