New Hampshire’s Pivotal Choice: Legacy Voting Machines vs. Open-Source Future

In the battle for voting machine supremacy, New Hampshire election officials are torn between legacy behemoths and a plucky nonprofit, VotingWorks. With democracy on the line, will they stick to the devil they know or cast their lot with open-source transparency? The scales of trust are wobbling.

Hot Take:

Ballot Ballet: The Great Voting Machine Tango of 2023! New Hampshire election officials faced the ultimate “Choose Your Own Adventure” in voting tech, and let’s just say, not everyone was jazzed about dancing to the open-source groove. Meanwhile, the legacy trio of vote-counting maestros played it cool, forgetting that in this day and age, trust is the currency, and transparency is the bling!

Key Points:

  • New Hampshire is flirting with the idea of swapping their vintage AccuVote machines for something less… combustible.
  • VotingWorks, the non-profit David to the Goliath that is the current voting machine industry, pitches open-source as the belle of the ball.
  • Election officials are split between the devil they know (Dominion, ES&S, Hart InterCivic) and the angel promising transparency (VotingWorks).
  • There’s a nationwide tango regarding open-source voting technology, with some states dipping a toe and others taking the lead.
  • Despite the charm offensive for open-source, the legacy vendors’ waltz with their secretive ways still wins the favor of many officials.

Need to know more?

Old School Moves vs. New Groove:

It's like a high school reunion in the voting machine world! New Hampshire's trusty old AccuVote machines, relics from the 80s, are finally ready to retire, but what's the next move? Officials are faced with a choice: stick with the familiar classics (Dominion, ES&S, Hart InterCivic) or take a risk on the new kid, VotingWorks, who's all about that open-source life. And just to spice things up, some skeptics outside are waving "Ban Voting Machines" signs like they're at a concert.

The Open-Source Prom Date:

VotingWorks, the non-profit making a move on the voting machine market, is that idealistic prom date promising a night of transparency and no secrets. They're the ones saying, "Hey, let's put all our code on GitHub and let everyone see how we groove!" Meanwhile, the old guard is keeping their dance moves under wraps, because, well, "proprietary" is apparently synonymous with "exclusive club membership."

The Transparency Tango:

There's a rhythm in the air, and it's called open-source. It's got some states and election officials tapping their feet, including Georgia, which used VotingWorks’ audit software for a hand count audit in 2020. Microsoft is also trying out some new dance moves with its pilot voting software. The open-source groove is catching on, but the question remains: Can this dance revolution really topple the old regime?

Legacy Moves and Market Share:

The big three aren't just sitting back and letting the new kid steal the show. They've got their own dance-off, complete with lawsuits to block machines that dare to print a paper trail. Transparency? More like "trans-paren't-see," because they're not big on sharing their code or financial deets. But let's not forget, they've got a stronghold on the market — about 90 percent, to be exact.

The New Hampshire Hustle:

In the land of "Live Free or Die," VotingWorks is trying to bust a move. They're the charming new dancer, promising simplicity, security, and a mustache that's hard to forget. But despite their open-source serenade, election officials in NH seem to be sticking to the old foxtrot, with Dominion leading the pack. It's a costly dance card, and not everyone's sold on the idea that open-source can sway the public.

Trust Issues and Transparency Shimmy:

After all the fancy footwork, trust is still doing the splits. While open-source might not be the magic step to restore faith in democracy, it's certainly a fresh beat. VotingWorks wants to hit the sweet spot — the "middle 80 percent" of people — with their transparent moves. But can they really outshine the disinformation disco ball and get everyone grooving to the beat of trust and transparency? Time will step-slide.

So there you have it, folks, the great voting machine showcase of 2023. Whether the future is an open-source samba or a secretive waltz, one thing's for sure: the dance floor of democracy is getting a serious workout!

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