Mortgage Titan FNF’s Data Breach Nightmare: 1.3 Million Customers Compromised by BlackCat Hackers

In a plot twist worthy of a heist movie, Fidelity National Financial’s digital vault was cracked—1.3 million customers’ data swiped by the cyber-slick BlackCat gang. Cue the credit monitoring offers and courtroom dramas, yet Fidelity shrugs it off like a spilled latte on a billion-dollar suit.

Hot Take:

Hold onto your digital wallets, folks! Fidelity National Financial just got a crash course in Cybersecurity 101, and the tuition fee was the personal data of a whopping 1.3 million customers. I guess when they say “go big or go home,” this mortgage behemoth took it a little too seriously.

Key Points:

  • Fidelity National Financial’s IT systems were infiltrated in November, and they’ve only just figured out the full extent of the “whoopsie-daisy.”
  • Ransomware aficionados ALPHV/BlackCat swaggered in, claiming the digital heist, but played coy about the loot they nabbed.
  • Despite the cyber kerfuffle, Fidelity is playing it cool, saying it’s not a biggie for their financial health—strong stomach or deep pockets?
  • Apart from the attack, Fidelity’s been slapped with several lawsuits but is offering credit monitoring and identity protection to compromised customers as a consolation prize.
  • LoanDepot, another finance firm, seems to have caught the same cyber flu, hinting at a possible ransomware hiccup of their own.