Marsh Unleashes Cyber Avengers: A High-Tech, Risk-Slaying Dream Team

Marsh, the insurance broker bigwig, is strapping on its cyber-shorts for a deep-end dive. They’ve assembled a cyber Avengers squad, ready to tackle cyber-risks. With Reagan as their Captain America, Marsh’s Specialty global cyber practice aims to turn the digital tide. It’s not just saving the world, it’s insurance.

Hot Take:

Marsh, the global insurance broker, is buckling up its cyber-shorts and diving headfirst into the deep end of the cyber pool. They’ve cobbled together a dream-team of cyber-specialists, like the Avengers, but for hacking. With Reagan as their Captain America, Schnur as their Black Widow, and Eskins and Warszona as… well, you get the idea. They’re all set to kick some cyber-risk butt and save the digital day!

Key Points:

  • Marsh, a global insurance broker, is launching a comprehensive global cyber practice.
  • Tom Reagan, currently the Cyber Practice Leader for the US and Canada, will head this new global cyber practice.
  • Meredith Schnur will lead Marsh Specialty’s US and Canada Cyber Practice, while Greg Eskins will take the helm of the Global Cyber Insurance Center.
  • Brian Warszona will lead the newly established Global Cyber Digital Center.
  • Marsh’s new cyber practice aims to aid clients in better handling cyber risks in today’s digital economy.

Need to know more?

Marsh-ing Forward

Marsh has announced the establishment of a comprehensive Marsh Specialty global cyber practice. The new practice will be led by Tom Reagan, who is currently serving as the Cyber Practice Leader for the US and Canada within Marsh Specialty. Reagan's mandate will be to empower clients worldwide in better identifying, quantifying, and mitigating their cyber risks. He will continue to operate out of New York.

The Cyber Avengers

Meredith Schnur, currently the Cyber Brokerage Leader for the US and Canada, will transition to lead Marsh Specialty’s US and Canada Cyber Practice. Greg Eskins, currently the Cyber Product Leader for the US and Canada, will assume leadership of the newly-formed Global Cyber Insurance Center. This center will supervise the development and implementation of innovative cyber insurance solutions addressing both existing and emerging risk concerns worldwide.

Going Digital

Brian Warszona, previously Deputy UK Cyber Practice Leader, will ascend to lead the freshly established Global Cyber Digital Center. The center’s remit will encompass the development and deployment of pioneering digital tools and resources tailored for clients.

Cyber Risk: It's a Thing

Pat Donnelly, President of Marsh Specialty and Global Placement, emphasized the persistent and evolving nature of cyber risk, and the need for organizations worldwide to navigate this challenge effectively. He expressed confidence that this consolidation of Marsh’s premier cyber capabilities will strengthen their ability to assist clients and communities in managing cyber risks amidst the realities of today’s digital economy.
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