LockBit Black Strikes Back: Old Phish, New Hook in Ransomware Sea

Beware the resurgence of LockBit ransomware—hackers are fishing with Phorpiex, casting nets wide, and reeling in victims with the old “Jenny@gsd.com” bait. Stay vigilant or get locked by LockBit Black! 🎣💻🔒 #RansomwareResurgence

Hot Take:

Oh Jenny, Jenny, who can I turn to? For the LockBit lovers, it seems Jenny@gsd[.]com is the go-to gal, casting her phishing net into the cyber sea. And what’s the catch of the day? LockBit Black ransomware, served with a side of “Oops, your files are encrypted.” But don’t worry, it’s not personal; it’s just business – the business of indiscriminate, untargeted mayhem. So, keep an eye on those attachments, folks, or you might just reel in a digital nightmare.

Key Points:

  • LockBit’s back, baby, and it’s phishing for victims with the help of a platform so old it’s practically cyber-archaeology.
  • Proofpoint researchers have spotted LockBit Black (aka LockBit 3.0) in the wild, being as subtle as a sledgehammer with its mass spam tactics.
  • The campaign’s star, Jenny@gsd[.]com, is as original as a cover band, having graced the sender field of malware emails since early 2023.
  • LockBit 3.0 likes to keep it local, locking down devices without the ambition of network domination – a homebody in the world of ransomware.
  • LockBit’s resilience is admirable, bouncing back like a bad penny even after law enforcement’s best game of Whac-A-Mole.

Need to know more?

Phorpiex's Phishy Business

Like a B-list celebrity clinging to fame, the old-school Phorpiex platform is making a comeback, but not in the way you'd hope. It's the unwilling accomplice in the latest LockBit ransomware escapades, proving that sometimes, the classics never die – they just get repurposed for evil.

One Size Phishes All

Looking for a personalized phishing experience? Keep looking because the LockBit campaign is as personal as a bulk-order holiday card. With Jenny@gsd[.]com at the helm, the attackers are shooting their shot with a one-size-fits-all approach, embracing the "spray and pray" method of cyber chaos.

LockBit's Local Lockdown

LockBit 3.0 is like that friend who never wants to leave the house, preferring to inflict damage on a local scale. It's not interested in spreading through networks; it's content to just sit tight and watch the panic unfold. A bit of an introvert in the ransomware scene, wouldn't you say?

The Cat with Nine Cyber Lives

Earlier this year, LockBit found itself in the crosshairs of international law enforcement, and it seemed like the end. But like any good villain, it wasn't down for long, popping back up a week later. No arrests? No problem. LockBit's got more lives than a shady alley cat and just as many escape plans.

The Phishing Forecast

What's the moral of this digital fable? Keep your wits about you, and maybe don't trust emails from Jenny promising mysterious documents. As for LockBit, it's the malware equivalent of a pop song – catchy, annoying, and seemingly impossible to get rid of. Stay tuned, stay skeptical, and stay secure!

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