Library Lockdown: Rhysida Ransomware Ravages British Library’s Legacy IT

Need a plot twist? The British Library’s tale of woe: legacy IT turned ransomware buffet. Rhysida feasted, and now cloud cravings kick in. #TechDrama #LibraryHeist

Hot Take:

It’s like the British Library borrowed a ‘How to Get Hacked’ manual from the future and followed it to the letter. Legacy IT systems, as charming as vintage books, have proven to be about as useful as a chocolate teapot in the face of modern ransomware. Who could’ve guessed that ancient tech and a sprinkle of budget constraints would be the perfect recipe for cyber disaster? I, for one, am shocked—shocked, I tell you!

Key Points:

  • The British Library got a nasty visit from the Rhysida ransomware, losing 600GB of data and a fleet of servers older than some of their rare books.
  • Legacy systems went belly-up, and vendor support waved goodbye a long time ago, leaving restoration efforts looking as tired as a librarian after a book sale.
  • The Library’s complex network topology was more tangled than a mystery novel plot, giving the cyber baddies a VIP tour of their systems.
  • Funds that could have rejuvenated their digital realm were instead spent on mandatory services, leaving the IT estate feeling rather neglected.
  • Cloud-based salvation is on the horizon, but the IT team is as stretched as a book spine at the hands of an overeager reader.

Need to know more?


A ransomware attack is like a surprise plot twist in a thriller, but for the British Library, the story's climax meant services were yanked offline faster than a librarian says "Shush!" Even today, the echo of Rhysida's mayhem haunts the halls—researchers are still left peering into the abyss where online resources used to be. With half the physical collection out of reach, one begins to wonder if the Dewey Decimal System could've prevented this disaster.


The British Library is turning the page on its tragic tech tale and looking to the cloud—hoping it's fluffier and safer than the current storm they're weathering. While they acknowledge that the cloud isn't a magic spell against cyber threats, they're betting it's the next chapter in their security saga. Yet, with an IT team still spread thinner than marmalade on toast, one has to ponder whether they'll have the manpower to build their digital fortress in the sky.

The British Library's misadventure in cybersecurity, or lack thereof, reads like a cautionary tale for the ages. With servers as outdated as the first edition of Chaucer, they've learned the hard way that even historic institutions need to keep up with the times. Now, they're pulling forward funds in a scramble to turn their IT horror story into a fairy tale ending. Meanwhile, their tale of woe is a gripping read for anyone interested in what not to do in the digital age.

As the Library dusts off its cybersecurity strategy, it's a stark reminder that 'investment, boldness, and relentless focus' might just be the holy trinity for fending off the digital bookworms. Looking back with 20/20 hindsight, they ruefully admit that their security measures, though extensive, were as effective as a bookmark in a windstorm. For those with an appetite for disaster stories, the British Library's report is a feast of lessons and reflections on how they got outfoxed by cyber tricksters.

And so, the British Library's digital saga continues, with a pledge to bolster their IT defenses and wage a war on ransomware. Their story serves as a stern warning to other venerable institutions: Modernize or risk becoming the plot of the next cyber thriller—complete with a cast of hackers, lost data, and a race against time to patch up the past.

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