Leicester’s Lights Stay Lit Post-Hack: Cyberattack Causes 24/7 Streetlight Glare

Leicester’s perpetual glow post-cyberattack isn’t a sign of progress—it’s a streetlight snafu! Residents battle insomnia as the city’s “central management system” throws a 24/7 light show, courtesy of INC Ransom’s cyber shenanigans. Who needs Vegas when you’ve got Leicester’s accidental neon nights?

Hot Take:

Leicester City Council’s latest performance art piece, “Bright Lights, Big City,” is a dazzling spectacle of streetlights refusing to sleep post-ransomware attack. Who knew cybersecurity mishaps could lead to a 24/7 light show? Meanwhile, the council plays a high-stakes game of ‘Data or Dare’ with cybercriminals, proving that real-life is stranger (and brighter) than fiction.

Key Points:

  • Ransomware attack on Leicester City Council leads to a streetlight fiesta, with lights staying on day and night.
  • Technical issues from the cyberattack prevent remote management of the lighting system, defaulting to an eternal daytime setting.
  • Despite the council’s refusal to pay ransoms, the attackers dumped 1.3 TB of stolen data, forcing a data review and prioritizing high-risk individuals.
  • The council is working with law enforcement and cybersecurity agencies, sticking to the NCSC’s guidance not to fund cybercrime via ransom payments.
  • Comparisons are drawn to other ransomware incidents, like Colonial Pipeline, where ransoms were paid despite official advice.

Need to know more?

When Life Gives You Ransomware, Make a Light Show

Imagine living in a city where the concept of night has been kidnapped by ransomware. That's Leicester for you, where the locals might start growing tomatoes at midnight thanks to the council's streetlights turning into insomniac suns. It's like someone told the streetlights about the cyberattack, and now they're too scared to close their eyes. Roger Ewens, the unofficial spokesperson for the sleep-deprived citizens of Beaumont Leys, has highlighted this peculiar phenomenon of perpetual daylight, a souvenir from the cyberattack.

Shedding Light on the Data Leak Drama

Meanwhile, the council is dealing with a data hangover after the ransomware party crashers left behind a whopping 1.3 TB of stolen data confetti. Richard Sword, our knight in strategic planning armor, is now on a quest to review the data and protect the realm's most at-risk individuals. It's a grand tale of honor and duty, as the council teams up with the Leicestershire Police and the NCSC to combat the digital dragon without filling its treasure hoard with ransom gold.

The "To Pay or Not to Pay" Ransom Conundrum

It's not just a Shakespearean dilemma but a real-life crisis for the council, sticking to the NCSC's "just say no" policy on ransom payments. They're setting a precedent that's about as popular as a diet plan at a cake convention, especially when you look at the Colonial Pipeline's capitulation and Caesars Entertainment allegedly rolling the dice with a ransom payment. With UnitedHealth's CEO prepping for a congressional storytelling session, we're all ears for the next chapter in the ransomware saga.

And there you have it, folks. Leicester City Council's cyber woes have unintentionally turned the city into a beacon of light – literally. While the council remains steadfast in its no-ransom policy, despite the growing trend of paying up, residents might just need to invest in some blackout curtains and a pair of sunglasses. Who said cybersecurity couldn't be illuminating?

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