Leicester City Council’s Ransomware Riddle: Silence Speaks Louder Than Updates

Embattled by a “cyber incident,” Leicester City Council plays coy on whether ransomware’s wreaking havoc. Experts are itching to know, but the council’s lips are sealed tighter than a miser’s wallet. Will Leicester fess up or keep us guessing? Stay tuned for more digital drama! Focus keyphrase: “Leicester ransomware silence.”

Hot Take:

Oh, Leicester City Council, playing the silent game on whether ransomware’s got you in a bind or not? In the world of cybersecurity, “I cannot confirm or deny” is the new “No comment.” And let’s face it, not being able to even whisper “ransomware” is like Voldemort-level taboo. You can’t fight what you can’t name, folks!

Key Points:

  • Leicester City Council’s “cyber incident” is like a bad spy movie plot – heavy on the action, light on the details.
  • The council’s lips are sealed tighter than a drum; even The Register’s inquiries got the cold shoulder for ten whole days.
  • UK’s National Cyber Security Centre is in the loop but seems to be as chatty as a mime on this one.
  • Local cyber professor has “some faith” in the council’s data protection rep, but the recovery time has doubled – like waiting for a sequel that nobody asked for.
  • Meanwhile, Leicester’s residents are stuck in an analog limbo – no public Wi-Fi, but you can still get fined for littering. Hooray?

Need to know more?

Sherlock Who?

Leicester City Council has turned into a cyber sleuth's nightmare, with their Sherlock-level secrecy on whether their systems got cozy with ransomware. They've been quieter than a teenager after curfew about the whole ordeal. Even cyber experts are throwing shade, saying that if you can't say "ransomware," you might as well be trying to solve a crossword without vowels.

A Timeline More Unpredictable Than British Weather

The council optimistically predicted a quick fix, only to push back the recovery longer than the wait for a decent cup of tea at a busy café. They've assured us that a "good majority" of staff are back online, which sounds as reassuring as hearing "some assembly required" on your new IKEA furniture.

Library Silence on the Details

While Leicester's libraries might still be open (sans Internet), the council's not checking out any info on whether data was compromised. But hey, at least you can still return your overdue books and take out your trash on schedule!

Financial Frustrations and Apologies

Residents might be missing a few direct debits, but the council promises to send a postcard with the new collection date. And for those who like to keep it old school, your standing orders are as steady as Queen Liz’s corgis. Apologies are flying out like unsolicited flyers, alongside promises of swift recovery – which, in council time, could mean anything from "soon" to "when the high street shops stop closing down."

Emergency Lines and Trusting Emails

For real emergencies, they've set up hotline blings that Drake would be proud of. And in a world where trusting emails is like trusting the weather forecast, Leicester Council assures you that their emails are safe as houses – attachments included. Just maybe don't open that one from the displaced prince offering you a fortune, alright?

The Council's Battle Cry

With all the grace of a swan paddling furiously under the water, Leicester City Council is battling on, urging residents to contact them only if you're reenacting a scene from "The Towering Inferno." They're working at a pace that could be described as 'British broadband speed' to return to normality, whatever that means in 2023. So, let's all grab a cuppa and watch this digital drama unfold, shall we?

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