Legit Security: The Cybersecurity Avengers We Need, and Just Raised $40M to Prove It

Legit Security, a startup powered by former Israeli Defense Force cyber warfare experts, has raised $40M in Series B funding. With their mission to transform the app security landscape, this feels like a cybersecurity Avengers assemble moment.

Hot Take:

Hold your horses, folks! Legit Security, the cybersecurity hero we didn’t ask for but definitely need, is on a mission to clean up the app security sector. They’ve just scooped up a cool $40 million in Series B funding to help them do just that. This startup’s got its laser-focused eyes on the prize: to transform the app security landscape with their platform that’s designed to point out vulnerabilities within apps, from code to cloud. And with a team of former Israeli Defense Force cyber warfare experts at the helm, this feels a bit like a cybersecurity Avengers assemble moment, doesn’t it?

Key Points:

  • Legit Security has raised $40 million in a Series B funding round, taking their total raised funds to $77 million.
  • The funds will be used to expand the startup’s sales, marketing, and R&D teams.
  • The founders note that existing app security scanners tend to fail in helping businesses understand risk, prioritize resources, and take action.
  • Legit Security not only identifies vulnerabilities in apps, but it also provides a unified plane from which to orchestrate them.
  • The startup is part of the growing ASPM (application security posture management) market, coined by Gartner, helping to manage app risk across the software lifecycle.

Need to know more?

Legit Security: From Supply Chains to Superstar Status

After a stint in the cyber warfare division of the Israel Defense Forces and working in cybersecurity at companies like Microsoft, the trio behind Legit Security set out to change the game. They believe that traditional app security scanners are failing businesses, and their platform is here to change that. Starting as a platform to secure software supply chains, Legit has grown to aggregate vulnerabilities from different sources, integrating with traditional app security tools and risk scoring their vulnerabilities.

Securing the Code-to-Cloud Journey

Legit Security's CEO claims that their platform can secure the entire app development environment, from "code to cloud". This is achieved by enforcing security policies in CI/CD pipelines, servers, and other infrastructure. It's not just about scanning code, but also the people and their security hygiene as they operate within it. Talk about holistic security!

An Emerging Market: Application Security Posture Management (ASPM)

ASPM is a term coined by Gartner earlier this year and is a growing market that helps manage app risk by collecting, analyzing, and prioritizing security issues from across the software lifecycle. Gartner estimates that 40% of security teams will have an ASPM tool by 2026, up from a measly 5% today. Legit Security is part of this emerging market and faces competition from other well-funded startups. However, with early-mover advantage and differentiation through its auto-discover, correlation, and analysis capabilities, Legit is ready to take on the challenge.
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