Leak Alert: Google’s Assistant with Bard AI – Pixel’s Newest Trick or Just Hype?

Google’s Assistant with Bard leaks, showing off its plant-saving prowess. Pixel exclusivity and Tensor chip requirement? That’s one picky AI!

Hot Take:

Google’s got a bit of an oopsie-daisy on its hands with Assistant with Bard getting a premature show-and-tell thanks to some eagle-eyed tech sleuths. With a feature leak quicker than a spoiler from your favorite TV show, we’ve got a glimpse of what Google’s been brewing in its secret tech cauldron. Let’s just hope it’s more magical assistant and less HAL 9000 when it lands on our devices.

Key Points:

  • Google’s Assistant with Bard was unintentionally previewed via a leaked video, showcasing its features and activation methods.
  • The AI helper offers multimodal interactions, including typing, photo uploads, and voice commands.
  • Assistant with Bard is set to be exclusive to Pixel smartphones with Tensor chips, leaving other devices in the digital dust.
  • It’s anticipated to roll out in March 2024, coinciding with the release of Android 14 QPR2 and a Pixel feature drop.
  • There’s no official word on whether non-Pixel Android devices will get to play with Bard, but it’s looking like a Pixel party for now.

Need to know more?

Leak-a-licious Preview

Google's latest tech tease comes courtesy of a video leak that was never meant to be a public performance. Yet here we are, treated to a silent movie of Assistant with Bard in action, minus the popcorn. The video, a visual explainer sans sound, was posted by Nail Sadykov on the digital graffiti wall formerly known as Twitter. It's as official as a leaked video can get, considering it's straight from the Pixel Tips app's secret stash.

Speak, Tap, and Snap to Command

With Assistant with Bard, you can chirp "Hey Google" like a tech-savvy parrot or press and hold the power button like a smartphone sommelier tasting a fine app. A multimodal box pops up from the bottom, ready to take your text, image, or vocal order. The demo showcases someone snapping a pic of a droopy plant and verbally seeking botanical salvation, proving that Google is now in the plant therapy business.

Smarty Plants and Helpful Links

After analyzing the picture of the plant in distress (a spider plant for all you green thumbs out there), Bard pops out a text wall with revival tips and links to YouTube videos. Because why read about plant care when you can have a video play plant doctor for you?

Pixel's Exclusive Club

If you're rocking an older Pixel or dreaming of a Pixel Tablet serenade, you might want to sit down for this one: Assistant with Bard is playing favorites with single-screen Pixels powered by Tensor chips only. That's the Pixel 6 through Pixel 8 guest list, leaving other gadgets out in the cold. And as for the release date, all bets are on March 2024, aligning with Android's next big thing and another Pixel feature bash.

Pixel Pioneers and the Rest of the World

For now, Assistant with Bard is looking like a Pixel-exclusive soiree, and we're not sure if it'll eventually mingle with the wider Android crowd. With tech giants like Samsung hosting their own AI parties, Bard might just stick to its home turf. But hey, in the tech world, never say never.

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