Laughing in the Face of Cyber Threats: Cloud Range’s Hilarious Journey to InfoSec Innovator Stardom

Cloud Range, the cyber gym where you don’t lift weights but firewalls, has just won the Top InfoSec Innovator Award for their Cutting Edge Cybersecurity Training. They’ve turned cyberattack simulations into a full-service, customizable workout. So, let’s give a virtual applause for these cyber innovators flexing their bytes!

Hot Take:

When a group of cyber nerds gather and decide to create the best cyber training program, what do you get? A shiny Top InfoSec Innovator Award from Cyber Defense Magazine, that’s what! Cloud Range has been sweating bullets (or should we say, bytes?) creating a full-service, customizable cyberattack simulation training solution. Talk about cyber role-play! They’re teaching the world how to repel malicious cyber ninjas, one simulation at a time. Now, they’re walking the red cyber carpet with this award. Can we get a virtual applause?

Key Points:

  • Cloud Range won the Top InfoSec Innovator Award for Cutting Edge Cybersecurity Training from Cyber Defense Magazine.
  • Cloud Range has developed a full-service, customizable cyberattack simulation training solution, which is the first of its kind.
  • Organizations across various sectors use Cloud Range to train their cybersecurity professionals and improve their cyber defense skills.
  • Cloud Range’s solution is recognized for its innovative approach and potential to address tomorrow’s cyber threats.
  • The award was announced at CyberDefenseCon 2023, an exclusive event for the Top Global CISOs.

Need to know more?

Cloud Range: The Cyber Gym

Cloud Range is like a gym, but for cyber muscles. Here, you don't lift weights, you lift firewalls. You don't run on treadmills, you run cyberattack simulations. Cloud Range gives cybersecurity professionals a safe space to flex their cyber muscles, whether you're an enterprise SOC or a government institution.

Cheers to the Cyber Innovators

What's a tech breakthrough without a splashy award? Cloud Range didn't just make a splash, they made a cyber tsunami with their Top InfoSec Innovator Award for Cutting Edge Cybersecurity Training. Take that, cyber villains! CEO, Debbie Gordon, couldn't be prouder as she thanked her team of cyber innovators for making this possible.

The Cyber Defense Magazine Seal of Approval

If Cyber Defense Magazine were a professor, they'd be the one you'd desperately want an A from. And that's exactly what Cloud Range got! Their unique approach to training, cost-effectiveness, and knack for predicting future threats caught the eye of Gary S. Miliefsky, Publisher of Cyber Defense Magazine. It's like getting the golden star sticker you always wanted in school, but way cooler.

Cloud Range: One to Watch

Cloud Range has been making waves in the cyber sea, and it's not just because of their recent award. They've also been listed on Cybercrime Magazine’s hot list of Cyber Range Companies to Watch in 2023 and Fast Company’s Next Big Things in Tech list. If you're a cyber geek, keep an eye on this one. It's going places!