Laugh at Windows 11 Privacy Peepholes: Be the Hero with DoNotSpy11 and O&O ShutUp10!

Playing peek-a-boo with your privacy, Windows 11 has met its match in the form of DoNotSpy11 and O&O ShutUp10. These Windows 11 privacy tools are ready to kick the intrusive Copilot off your taskbar, squashing Microsoft’s sneaky attempts to turn your OS into an ad billboard. Embrace the power of privacy, but remember, proceed at your own risk!

Hot Take:

Windows 11 is playing a bit of peek-a-boo with your privacy, but don’t worry, the cyber knights, DoNotSpy11 and O&O ShutUp10 are here to rescue! These software gurus have added new tricks to their bag of privacy tools, letting you kick Copilot off your taskbar. So, if you’re a fan of privacy and not so much of AI, sit back, relax and let these tools do their magic!

Key Points:

  • DoNotSpy11, a free anti-tracking tool, has been updated to deal with Copilot, a feature in the latest Windows 11 update.
  • The tool allows users to disable the Copilot button on their taskbar and offers various other privacy options.
  • Another similar tool, O&O ShutUp10, also provides features to deal with privacy issues on Windows 10 and 11.
  • Both tools can help evade Microsoft’s telemetry and attempts to sneak adverts into the UI of Windows 11.
  • Users can download and use these tools for free, but they should proceed at their own risk.

Need to know more?

DoNotSpy11: Your Secret Weapon Against Prying Eyes

DoNotSpy11 is here to save the day with its updated version that supports Windows 11 23H2. This tool lets you disable the Copilot button—Microsoft's new AI feature that's cozied up in your taskbar. It doesn't stop there, though. Apart from nixing Copilot, DoNotSpy11 lets you disable various elements of Windows 11 telemetry, turn off lock screen notifications, disable widgets, and more. It's like a swiss army knife for maintaining privacy.

Adverts? Not on My Watch!

Ever noticed those sneaky little ads sprinkled throughout your Windows 11 UI? Well, DoNotSpy11 is on the case. It can disable ads in File Explorer, suggestions in Windows Ink Workspace and the Settings app, as well as Start Menu app suggestions. So if you're not a fan of Microsoft's attempts to turn your OS into a billboard, DoNotSpy11 is your guy.

And Then There Was O&O ShutUp10

Let's not forget about O&O ShutUp10, another superhero in the privacy protection world. It tackles Windows privacy issues and tweaks settings to evade Microsoft's telemetry, just like DoNotSpy11. It was recently updated to disable Copilot and remove the taskbar button too. Plus, it doesn't need to be installed—you can run it directly from the download folder. Handy, huh?

Proceed with Caution

As with any third-party software, it's important to tread carefully. While these tools can offer a level of privacy protection, remember that you proceed at your own risk. As they say, with great power comes great responsibility. Or in this case, with great privacy tools comes the need for great discernment.

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