Kremlin-Linked Cyber Heist: HPE Cloud Email Compromised by APT29 Hackers

Crack Kremlin hackers play ‘Cloudy with a Chance of Data Theft’ at HPE, swiping emails like pros. Scooping up secrets since May ’23, these digital ninjas show us the art of the cyber heist. #APT29 #CyberComedy

Hot Take:

Oh no, not the cloud! It seems even the ethers of cyberspace aren’t safe from the Kremlin’s ghostly grasp. HPE’s email was more like ‘Help Me Please’ when APT29, aka the ‘Cyber Bears’, decided to go mailbox mining. As if it wasn’t enough to have one’s emails read by the boss, now there’s a bear in the inbox, too. Talk about an un’bear’able breach of privacy!

Key Points:

  • HPE’s cloud email environment got gate-crashed by suspected Kremlin-linked hackers, and they didn’t even RSVP.
  • The culprits, APT29, have a hacking resume that’s more impressive than most LinkedIn profiles.
  • Microsoft, no stranger to cybersecurity prom, also had a dance with APT29 back in November 2023.
  • The intrusion was a slow burn, with HPE playing hide and seek with the hackers for over six months.
  • Despite the cyber shenanigans, HPE claims it’s business as usual, with operations humming along.

Need to know more?

From Russia With Love

Who needs James Bond when you have APT29 sneaking through the digital shadows? These Russian-linked cyber spies have turned HPE's cloud email environment into their personal playground. They've been swiping mailbox data like kids taking extra candy at Halloween, and it's not even October. The spooky part? They've been at it since May 2023, and only now we're hearing the ghost stories.

Microsoft's Déjà Vu

Microsoft must be thinking, "Been there, done that," as they too had a tête-à-tête with APT29 last November. It's like seeing your ex at a party and realizing they're still up to their old tricks. Only this time, it's your emails they're after, not your heart. HPE's turn on the dance floor with these cyber Casanovas started in December 2023 when they finally spotted the uninvited guest.

The Bear Necessities

APT29, also going by the cuddliest of names like Cozy Bear, has a hacking history that reads like a spy thriller. They've been linked to the DNC hack of 2016 and the SolarWinds saga of 2020. It's like they're collecting cybersecurity badges, and HPE's email server was the latest merit badge on their sash. All this, while HPE played hide and seek with the hackers, who had a six-month head start. Talk about being fashionably late to your own party.

Business as Unusual

Despite the digital drama, HPE insists it's just another day at the office. They're downplaying the cyber heist like it's a minor hiccup, not a full-blown coughing fit. The exact scale of the email excavation remains a mystery, but HPE assures everyone that they're still on track. Maybe they've got a cyberbear repellent they're not telling us about. Or perhaps they're just really good at keeping a poker face while the chips are down.

The Hacking Hall of Fame

APT29, with accolades like the DNC and SolarWinds under their belt, must be looking to build their own hacking Hall of Fame. They're like the digital Bonnie and Clyde, without the love story and with much better computer skills. With HPE's incident likely connected to a previous security event involving SharePoint files, it seems these cyber villains are on a sequel spree. The only question is, who's going to get the next unwanted sequel?

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