Kaspersky in Hot Water? Alleged Drone Tech Aid to Russia Could Spark US Sanctions

Dive into the murky depths of cyber espionage as InformNapalm uncovers ties between Kaspersky and Albatross drones—allegedly aiding Russia’s Ukrainian forays. Sanctions on the horizon? Stay tuned.

Hot Take:

Looks like Kaspersky’s been playing Q to some not-so-007 drones, if you catch my drift. Their gadgets are allegedly not just defending your PC from the baddies, but also taking a sky-high tour in the drone zone over Ukraine. Talk about a software update that really takes off—just maybe not in the direction they intended.

Key Points:

  • Kaspersky is under fire for possibly helping design reconnaissance drones used by Russia in Ukraine.
  • Albatross, the company behind the drones, appears to have deep ties with Kaspersky employees.
  • InformNapalm’s investigation suggests Kaspersky’s tech is essential to the drones’ operation.
  • Kaspersky denies the allegations, chalking it up to a non-commercial, humanitarian project gone awry.
  • Despite denials, InformNapalm believes Kaspersky should face sanctions due to their involvement.

Need to know more?

From Rescue to Reconnaissance:

Once upon a time, a band of six merry tech enthusiasts formed ALB-search to create drones for search and rescue, only to morph into the cyber backbone of Albatross. This bird of prey, it seems, has been scouting more than just missing persons. With Kaspersky employees deeply involved, the plot thickens like a good spy novel—except the stakes are very real.

The Patent Plot Thickens:

Our intrepid ALB-search team didn't just fade into the sunset after their contest; they went full-on Edison and snagged themselves a patent for UAVs that now stars in Albatross's PowerPoint presentations. And who should help make this patent a high-flying reality? Why, a team from Kaspersky, of course. Cue dramatic music.

A Slide into Controversy:

An Albatross slide deck swiped from the cyber nest paints a picture of drones that might never have left the ground without Kaspersky's Midas touch. If these slides are to be believed, Kaspersky wasn't just a wingman—they were co-pilots on this aerial escapade.

The Sanction Suspense:

As the tale unfolds, Kaspersky has been doing its best to keep its drone dalliance under the radar. However, InformNapalm is shining a spotlight on them, suggesting that just like in chess, it's time for the US to say "check" and put Kaspersky in a sanctions stalemate.

The Denial Dance:

When the music stopped and The Register asked Kaspersky for a dance, the company stepped back, denying most of the steps in the reported choreography. Kaspersky insists that their duet with Albatross was a one-time experimental jig, aimed at humanitarian efforts. They claim to have hung up their dancing shoes in 2022, but some are skeptical of this last waltz and think they should still be barred from the dance floor altogether.

So, who's leading in this tango of tech and geopolitics? It's a story of twists, turns, and potentially unintended aerial ballets. But for now, Kaspersky maintains its routine is strictly malware mambo, with no hidden drone drops—though not everyone's convinced they're moving to the beat of transparency.

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