ICS Cybersecurity Conference 2023: Day 2 – Superheroes, AI Breakfast, and Quantum Computing, Oh My!

Missed the opening act of SecurityWeek’s ICS Cybersecurity Conference 2023? Fear not! Day 2 is here serving up cyber delights from AI-powered incident response exercises to quantum computing impacts on security. So, buckle up for your ICS Cybersecurity Conference Insights, and let’s take a wild ride into the world of digital twins and industrial wireless infrastructure!

Hot Take:

So, you missed the first day of the SecurityWeek’s ICS Cybersecurity Conference 2023? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Day 2 is here and it’s like a superhero sequel: bigger, bolder and, dare I say, cyber-ier. From the breakfast session that’s more exciting than your regular cereal to deep dives into military cyber operations, there’s enough to keep you hooked. Buckle up, cyber enthusiasts, because we’re about to take a wild ride through the world of industrial wireless infrastructure, quantum computing, and digital twins.

Key Points:

  • Day 2 of SecurityWeek’s ICS Cybersecurity Conference 2023 is underway in Atlanta.
  • The day kicked off with an interactive tabletop exercise for incident response powered by generative AI, hosted by ThreatGEN’s Clint Bodungen.
  • Speakers from ExxonMobil, the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District, and Palo Alto Networks discussed best practices for converging IT/OT security operations.
  • Insider threats, securing industrial wireless infrastructure, and the impact of quantum computing on OT security were among the key topics discussed.
  • The concept of using the NICE framework and digital twins to bridge the workforce capability gap was proposed.

Need to know more?

Breakfast of Champions

Kicking off the day with a breakfast session, ThreatGEN’s Clint Bodungen really knows how to serve a hearty plate of incident response exercises. And guess what? It's all powered by generative AI. So, grab a bagel and dive into this dynamic, engaging, and efficient cyber workout.

Boots on the Ground

Ever wondered what a day in the life of a military security tester looks like? John Link, a US Marine Corps cyber analyst, spills the beans on the challenges of maintaining robust cybersecurity stances in diverse operational environments. It's like 'Saving Private Ryan' but with code.

Converging Paths

IT/OT convergence sounds complex, and it is! But don't worry, representatives from ExxonMobil, the Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District, and Palo Alto Networks are here to demystify this process. Think of it as a cyber potluck – everyone brings a dish (or best practice) to the table.

Inside Job

Roya Gordon, an executive industry consultant for OT cybersecurity, talks about the risk posed by insider threats. Spoiler alert: it's more than just that sneaky co-worker who keeps stealing your lunch from the office fridge.


Gerard Vidal, the CTO of Opscura, discusses quantum computing's potential impacts on OT security. If you're wondering how to increase the lifespan of your current cybersecurity solutions, this session is your crystal ball into the future.

The Twinning Concept

The Institute for Information Industry proposes using the NICE framework and digital twins to bridge the workforce capability gap. It's like having a clone to do your job, but way, way cooler and less ethically questionable.