HR Meets IT: Unmasking the Unlikely Heroes in Freelancer Cybersecurity

Who knew HR would become the unsung heroes in the fight against cyber threats? With the rise of non-employee identities, it’s time to recognize the crucial HR role in identity security. Teaming up with IT, they’re forming a digital Avengers squad to secure our business fortresses. Capes optional, cyber safety non-negotiable.

Hot Take:

Phew, who knew HR could double as cyber bodyguards? Turns out, they’re the hero we didn’t know we needed in the fight against cyber threats from freelancers. The role of HR and IT has never been more crucial in the modern business landscape with the rise of non-employee identities. Better dust off those capes, HR, and get ready to join forces with IT. It’s time to secure those digital fortresses!

Key Points:

  • Non-employee identities (freelancers, contractors) pose a new set of security challenges for businesses.
  • 76% of UK organizations have yet to integrate HR into their identity security strategy.
  • HR teams’ visibility over employee details can help monitor access, but the task gets trickier with non-employee identities.
  • HR and IT departments need to collaborate closely for better identity management and to limit unauthorized access.
  • Adoption of AI and ML for identity security can help manage a projected 13% growth in identities over the next 3–5 years.

Need to know more?

HR: The Unlikely Cybersecurity Hero

Need to keep an eye on who's creeping into your system? HR's got your back. With their oversight on people, they're perfect for monitoring who's moving in and out of your company. But when it comes to non-employees, things get a little tricky. These identities aren't always captured in HR systems, and integrating them can be a compliance and security challenge.

When HR and IT Play Nice

Unauthorized access is a big no-no. With a larger pool of people needing access to your resources, the chances of compromised credentials increase. Enter HR and IT, the dynamic duo you need. Together, they can have better visibility over identities, granting or limiting access as necessary. Sharing non-employee identity details between HR and IT can make for more stringent access controls and reduce risks.

AI/ML: The Secret Weapon

With the number of identities set to grow by 13% over the next 3–5 years, it's clear that manual identity management just isn't going to cut it. Cue AI and ML. These intelligent systems can analyze vast amounts of data to detect potential threats and automate access permissions. They can also help HR teams by reducing the manual labor needed to remove access privileges when no longer needed. So, businesses, it's time to gear up and get ready for the future of cybersecurity.
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