HPE Hit by Russian Hackers: Midnight Blizzard Strikes Again in Corporate Espionage Saga

When Cozy Bear isn’t hibernating, they’re hacking! HP Enterprise just spilled the digital beans: they were the latest snack for the Russian-linked cyber-hungry group. Even HP’s cybersecurity pros had their inboxes raided—talk about an inside job! Remember, sharing is caring, unless it’s your email with Midnight Blizzard. 🌨️🐻💻 #HPEHack

Hot Take:

Well, it looks like HP Enterprise got cozy with the wrong crowd—Midnight Blizzard, a.k.a. Cozy Bear. These Russian bears went dumpster diving in HPE’s digital trash cans and came out with more than just fish bones. It’s the cyber equivalent of a bear raid, only instead of a picnic basket, they were after a digital honey pot filled with emails and SharePoint files. Let’s just hope HPE’s cybersecurity team isn’t hibernating through this one!

Key Points:

  • Russian intelligence-linked hackers, Midnight Blizzard (Cozy Bear), infiltrated HP Enterprise in a heist that would make Cold War spies jealous.
  • They rummaged through HPE’s cloud-based email like it was an all-you-can-eat data buffet, snacking on a “small percentage” of employee emails.
  • HPE’s digital vaults were previously cracked in May 2023, and the culprits made off with SharePoint files—because who doesn’t love some good ol’ document theft?
  • The total damage report is still MIA as HPE plays cyber-sleuth to figure out the extent of the breach.
  • Despite the digital break-in, HPE insists it’s still business as usual, with no “material impact” on operations. Talk about keeping a cool head under pressure.

Need to know more?

Another Day, Another Data Breach

HP Enterprise is the latest notch on Midnight Blizzard's frosty belt, joining the ranks of Microsoft in the "We've Been Hacked by Cozy Bear" club. Is it just me, or are these cyber bears getting a little too comfortable in our digital woods?

Cloudy with a Chance of Hackers

On a chilly December day, HPE discovered its cloud-based email had more holes than Swiss cheese, courtesy of our Russian friends. They didn't just window-shop; they went in and lifted some data, though HPE is playing coy about what got swiped.

SharePoint Shakedown

Turns out, this isn't Cozy Bear's first picnic at HPE. Back in May, they treated themselves to some SharePoint files because nothing says "thrilling heist" like corporate documents. Maybe they're just really into spreadsheets?

The Investigation Continues

HPE's spokesperson is doing verbal gymnastics trying not to link this cyber fiasco to Microsoft's data breach dance party. Meanwhile, the scope of the email espionage extravaganza is still being tallied. I guess someone's got to count all those stolen digital cookies.

Keep Calm and Compute On

Despite this digital debacle, HPE is standing firm, claiming it's still steady as she goes operationally. Either they've got nerves of steel, or their PR team deserves a medal. Or maybe both?

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